Two more free Stars & Lasers scenarios…

I have put together two more free scenarios for Stars & Lasers.

The first was kindly written by Vic Dobson and it is another great scenario, based this time on the story of the tanker Ohio during the ‘Operation Pedestal’ the supply convoy to Malta in August 1942

Can you get the tanker to safety as the crew did during WW2, either way I hope you have fun trying.

The second scenario is something a little bit different, two warring factions have met within a section of space that for some reason is interfering with their ship’s sensors, they know the enemy is there, but they don’t know what ships the enemy have!!

This scenario comes with some tokens for you to print out and use.

As always these scenarios have been written for Stars & Lasers but I am sure that with a little adjustment they would work with your preferred rule set.

I hope you have fun using these scenarios.

You can download this pack from Wargames Vault ––Lasers-No7


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