The Last Drifters FAQ’s

I found an old points cost in the rules which should have been changed for the final release but wasn’t.

On Page 38 and page 44 There is a points error is for the Minigun – the points for this weapon should have been 120 and not what is written in the rules. – corrected in rule version 1.2 ( 26.10.2021 )

Page 48 there is a typo, the page should read –

“Each 30 points you spend on these skills will increase them by one, but note you can only pay to increase either skill by a maximum of three.

Eg. You have worked out that you have 90 points left from building your gang and decide that you want to increase some skills on your main character.

So you pay 60 points to increase Spiders driving skill by 2 giving him a +2 to any driving tests.

You have 30 points left so decide to spend those 30 points to increase the shooting skill of his passenger by 1 giving a –1” from any shooting his passenger does. – corrected in rule version 1.2 ( 26.10.2021 )

Using Nitrox boost to increase your vehicles speed in a ram has the following effects. The ramming vehicle will receive all the normal bonuses for speed and armour associated to the ram plus if Nitrox is used it would also inflict an extra 1+D3 damage for the extra speed that the Nitrox boost produces plus one critical hit ( or one extra critical hit ) But on the down side the ramming vehicle would also take one critical hit ( or one extra critical hit ) because of the crazy speed it hit the target vehicle!! Note: the vehicle does not receive any bonus from the Nitrox boost when working out the ramming vehicles speed for any type of ram. Also, a Nitrox boost cannot be used in a “Side Swipe” ram, as you cannot make any manoeuvre’s while using a Nitrox boost.

When using the minigun please make these adjustments. The minigun now only does 1 point of damage for every successful penetrating hit ( instead of 2 ) The second time the minigun jams it can no longer be un-jammed, something has gone horribly wrong with the firing mechanism and cannot be fixed without stripping the gun down.