Some 15mm Sci-fi Support Painted.

Another good night of painting done for my 15mm sci-fi forces this time some much needed support. First off, we have a couple of heavy tanks, these should give the infantry some killing power. Next there are a couple of light infantry support vehicles with multi-barreled autocannon and [Read more...]

Some 15mm sci-fi figures painted.

I spent a few hours over the last couple of days painting some of my 15mm sci-fi figures, and it made a nice change, it was good to get some painting done. These figures have been sitting in a box for a couple of years now waiting for me to get them finished, I did base them all and primed them a [Read more...]

Solo ACW Ironcald game…

As I am stuck here in doors for the foreseeable future, I thought I would get a solo game of ACW Ironclads in while I had the chance. I thought that I would just go for a simple meeting engagement between two forces with about 1800 points each, the forces are as follows – Union USS [Read more...]