15mm Sci-fi Aliens painted

I spent a couple of hours over the last few days painting up some 15mm Aliens for my sci-fi games, these I believe are the old sculpts of the Kra’Vak infantry but thats not a problem as I like them and they will give me a good alien opponent for my human infantry although I will have to try and find [Read more...]

Some 15mm Sci-fi Support Painted.

Another good night of painting done for my 15mm sci-fi forces this time some much needed support. First off, we have a couple of heavy tanks, these should give the infantry some killing power. Next there are a couple of light infantry support vehicles with multi-barreled autocannon and [Read more...]

Some 15mm sci-fi figures painted.

I spent a few hours over the last couple of days painting some of my 15mm sci-fi figures, and it made a nice change, it was good to get some painting done. These figures have been sitting in a box for a couple of years now waiting for me to get them finished, I did base them all and primed them a [Read more...]

“Run Rabbit Run!” a solo ACW Ironclad game.

I managed to get a quick game using my ACW ships today, just wanted something simple so did a “run rabbit run!!” type scenario. Basically the Confederates had the job of chasing one lightly armoured Union ship while it tried to survive and the other Union ships had the job of shielding it as best [Read more...]

Solo ACW Ironcald game…

As I am stuck here in doors for the foreseeable future, I thought I would get a solo game of ACW Ironclads in while I had the chance. I thought that I would just go for a simple meeting engagement between two with about 1800 points each, the forces are as follows – Union USS Essex USS [Read more...]

Blood Sweat & Iron ACW Ironclad rules..

I have finally managed to get these rules finished, nearly two years in the writing and they are now done. Blood Sweat & Iron is a simple American Civil War Ironclad river actions rule set, it uses a very simple combat system to allow you to play battles within a couple of hours. You can [Read more...]