Salute 2021 ( 2020 ) photos

Well the show is over and I am resting up as I think the show broke me!! 😉 I must be getting old as it is taking me longer and longer after each show to get back to feeling almost fit again, my back and legs and my poor feet hurt!! I am not sure how far I walked during the two days but it [Read more...]

Salute 2021 ( 2020 )

Well its almost here, the show that has taken almost two years to plan and get ready to actually run!! Salute 2021 or should I say Salute 2020 🤔 has been a lot of work, but the day of the show is fast approaching, this weekend will see Salute once again running at ExCel in [Read more...]

VIP scenario for Blood Sweat & Iron

Well I had a really fun game of Blood Sweat & Iron at the club last night, a friend and I decided on the VIP scenario from the rule book but as it was a club night and we didn’t want to rush things so decided to ignore the seven turn end of the scenario, this allowed me as the Confederate side [Read more...]

Test of Honour, a club game…

I had the chance of another game of Test of Honour at the club the other night, it has been a long while since I had played so I had a little catching up with the rules to do which wasn’t too bad as it is a fairly simple game to play. We just went for a simple meeting engagement, maybe two waring [Read more...]

Zombie project…

I am at that stage again where I am thinking about what project is next in the queue to be done… and well I think it may be Zombies!!! I have been looking at working on a Zombie rule set for a long while now, I have played and own many zombie games and really enjoy playing games of this [Read more...]