New 3D Sci-Fi Scenery

Well illness has taken me away from hobby stuff for a while now ( no posts on here for a couple of weeks!! ) but as I have started to get better, I have managed to get in a few hours at my PC over the last couple of days. And I decided to design some 3D sci-fi scenery to use with my new rules [Read more...]

15mm Sci-fi Vehicle Build

Well I have been able to put together some of my Salute 50 haul, and on the whole I am fairly pleased with them. A good mix of models which made the build fun, this time I will be searching through all my old decals to try and find numbering and letters etc. to add to the models after painting, [Read more...]

Another playtest of the new rules.

I ran a game of my new rules last night at the club, four players sat down and didn’t have a clue what to expect… this would be the first time anyone other than me had played the game, so I was a little apprehensive 😱 Well they had got the basics of the rules by the end of turn one!! [Read more...]

Second playtest of my new Sci-fi rules.

Work continues on my new rules, I spent most of two days getting all the weapons, troops and vehicles sorted and pointed up so now it was time to point up some troops and see how they work. I now have about forty weapons for infantry, vehicles, tanks, fliers and support units, so I thought that I [Read more...]

Something new on the tabletop…

Yep something new on the tabletop and I don’t mean the figures or the scenery, what’s new is the rules! I was playing a first playtest of some new rules I have been working on, this time I am trying something different, not Spaceships, not Ironclads and not cars, this time I am doing a complete [Read more...]

Painting the Zeta Colony ships

Well I printed out the Zeta Colony ships to use in games of Stars & Lasers, I am still printing more as I want a good number to use in my games. So far I have printed one of each of the bigger ships and have been printing multiple of the smaller ones, so far I have got six Corvettes and I am [Read more...]