About Blood Sweat & Iron

Blood Sweat & Iron is a simple set of ACW Ironclad river combat rules, which are meant to be a fast-play rules.

It is a simple system for combat between these ships, they are in no way meant to be historically accurate.

The rules are meant for any small scale ships made by any manufacturer, using as little as two ships up to around half a dozen ships per side for a normal game of maybe a couple of hours or so, the system can cope with more ships per side but these games would take longer to play.

I had only ever played one or two games using ACW Ironclads so I really didn’t know much about the battles, but a friend talked me into writing these rules so I had to read as much as I could to find about the ships and the battles and it was fascinating.

What does the rule book contain?

Well for a start a very simple set of rules to allow you to play games using ACW ships, rules that most people will know after a turn or two, just using the Quick Rules Sheet included.

The rules also contain the simple datasheets for many Union and Confederate ships of the era, these allow you to keep track of speed, damage etc.

Plus in the print out section you will find the tokens needed to play, all are ready for you to print out and use in your tabletop games.

There is also a scenario section where you will also find several scenarios ready for you to play, these add challenging objectives to your games.

What now?

I am hoping to add a few more scenarios at some point in the future, and possibly a supplement as well.

I hope that you enjoy playing games using Blood Sweat & Iron simple rules.

If you wish to contact me with questions about Blood Sweat & Iron or if you have any feed back then you can contact me using the following email – bloodsweatandiron@outlook.com

If you think you might be interested in these rules you can buy them from here – https://www.wargamevault.com/product/308545/Blood-Sweat–Iron?term=blood+sweat+%26+iron

I also have a Blood Sweat & Iron Facebook page, where you post pictures of your ships and your games – https://www.facebook.com/Blood-Sweat-Iron-ACW-Ironclads-101144724962151/