“Run Rabbit Run!” a solo ACW Ironclad game.

I managed to get a quick game using my ACW ships today, just wanted something simple so did a “run rabbit run!!” type scenario. Basically the Confederates had the job of chasing one lightly armoured Union ship while it tried to survive and the other Union ships had the job of shielding it as best [Read more...]

Solo ACW Ironcald game…

As I am stuck here in doors for the foreseeable future, I thought I would get a solo game of ACW Ironclads in while I had the chance. I thought that I would just go for a simple meeting engagement between two with about 1800 points each, the forces are as follows – Union USS Essex USS [Read more...]

Blood Sweat & Iron ACW Ironclad rules..

I have finally managed to get these rules finished, nearly two years in the writing and they are now done. Blood Sweat & Iron is a simple American Civil War Ironclad river actions rule set, it uses a very simple combat system to allow you to play battles within a couple of hours. You can [Read more...]

No game tonight…

A mixed bag of stuff this time, as I have not managed to get any gaming in over the last week or two due to illness, but all back to normal again now so hopefully will get some gaming in very soon. Well what do we have this time…. Well my 3D printer has been running for a few evenings now [Read more...]

An ACW game of find the lady…

Yes that’s right, an ACW game of find the lady… although in this case it was find the President!! Mr Abraham Lincoln was travelling along what should have been a safe river when his convoy runs into a Confederate patrol, the Union ships try to make a run past these two ships but they run straight [Read more...]

ACW river engagement…

I had a great fun game on Monday night, a friend and I played another game of my new ACW Ironclad rules set. We just did a simple meeting engagement on a stretch of river somewhere maybe along the Mississippi, we used about 1500 points per side, the list of ships was – The Union force was [Read more...]

Running the blockade..

Sorry for the slight delay in getting this report up on the site, but illness has been a bit of a problem this last week… I had an excellent game / playtest of my new rules for ACW river battles, it was great fun even though I lost again! We decided just to run a simple blockade running game, [Read more...]