Some 15mm sci-fi figures painted.

I spent a few hours over the last couple of days painting some of my 15mm sci-fi figures, and it made a nice change, it was good to get some painting done.

These figures have been sitting in a box for a couple of years now waiting for me to get them finished, I did base them all and primed them a few months back but that was it, another project stalled.

But now I have managed to paint enough for two small forces which will be plenty for some small games hopefully over the next couple of weeks. I still have another 100+ figures to paint, but baby steps…

It took me about thirty seconds to pick the paint schemes, all my scenery that I have made to use with these figures is desert themed so with one force I went with a dark yellow or sand colour and with the other force I went with a white. I guess the white makes the figures look a little like Storm Troopers, but I thought they both would work with the terrain and both would be easy to paint.

The figures are mainly from the Ground Zero Games Star Grunt range, most of which I have picked up at different shows over the years, and then there are some that I have no idea what they are or where they come from, some of these I was given a few years back from a friend others I have picked up from Ebay.

But all of them are great and fit with what I wanted for a sci-fi game, I do need to get some alien figures next because you can’t do a sci-fi game without the possibility of fighting against some sort of weird alien troops, but I guess that will have to wait for another time.

Painting these was really simple and quick, they were primed with either white or desert yellow then for the main coat I went with some GW Contrast paints, Apothecary White and Nazdreg Yellow. Once these coats were dry I just hit them all with a very light drybrush of Model Color White on the white figures and Model Color Buff on the yellow figures.

Then I just picked out the faces with a little Kislev Flesh and the visors with Ultramarines Blue contrast paint and finaly the weapons were done with Model color Black Grey and that was it, a real quick and simple paint job.

So here are the two forces finished…

Some big robot type walkers with some big guns!

Two light jet bikes and two heavier bikes with passangers.

Heavily armoured weapon suits.

Basic infantry squad with NCO and infantry support weapon.

And finally a couple of close ups.

Next in the painting queue are some of their tanks and armoured vehicles, and if I find time some more infantry and support weapons.

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  1. zonk

    Very nice. The contrast paints seem to work with 15mm. I wondered about that.

    What rules will you use? While I haven’t played them I think several of the Northern Weasel rules, Star Port Scum, squad level semi RPG tactical rules or the Five Parsecs which has a lot more choices look good. My toys are sitting under primer. I keep meaning to paint but…

  2. Mac

    Hi Zonk,

    Thanks, they came out a lot better than I thought they would although the white figures are slightly better looking in the flesh than they are in the photo’s as I do struggle to get white to photograph well.

    I find that the Contrast paints work well and save me base coating then ink washing and then highlighting, although I still always drybush the models.

    As for rules I have tried so many sets it is ridiculous but none have been what I wanted, and then a friend told me about a really nice simple set of rules called USE ME 15mm sci-fi by Alternative Armies, for me they tick all the boxes.
    They also have rules that cover other eras as well; I have their WW2 version and will soon be getting their ACW rules and their Zombie rules… I won’t be getting their spaceship one though!! As mine are better ;O)

    I will hopefully get a few games in over the next couple of weeks and will try and get a battle report or two up on here to show how these figures do on the battlefield.


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