Some 15mm Sci-fi Support Painted.

Another good night of painting done for my 15mm sci-fi forces this time some much needed support.

First off, we have a couple of heavy tanks, these should give the infantry some killing power.

Next there are a couple of light infantry support vehicles with multi-barreled autocannon and missile pods.

Also, for the infantry are a couple of troop transports two with heavy autocannon ( or laser ) and a couple with missile pods these should give a little close support.

And just because I liked the vehicle, I have a couple of fast light vehicles for scouting.

A couple of group shots to show them all.

And then finally I have the “Ned Kelly” unit…

I have no idea what they are or which company made them, but I think they a great in a weird sort of way, and they do make me think about Ned Kelly and his armour. I think they were in a box of odd bits someone gave me a good many years ago.

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