GameFound Campaign Preview!!

Attention, fellow adventurers and game enthusiasts! We are bursting with excitement as Fyndoria.Games proudly unveils the launch of our campaign preview for Crystalline Wars, our captivating new card game. Crystalline Wars beckons you to wield the power of the Elements and fuse them together. [Read more...]

3D 6mm scenery finished

I spend a little while today painting up the 3D printed scenery I printed out a few days ago, this post is just a quick run though of what I did to get them up to table top ready. First off I stuck the prints to some 1.5mm plasticard cut to give bases for the scenery, I then added some small [Read more...]

New 3D Sci-Fi Scenery

Well illness has taken me away from hobby stuff for a while now ( no posts on here for a couple of weeks!! ) but as I have started to get better, I have managed to get in a few hours at my PC over the last couple of days. And I decided to design some 3D sci-fi scenery to use with my new rules [Read more...]