A dry river bed, 15mm sci-fi scenery.

A while back after a clear out at the club ( and a lucky raffle ticket!! ) I ended up with some of my club’s old scenery and it has sat in a box collecting dust ever since, but I have finally got some of it out to try and do something with it. The scenery is some old river sections made of some [Read more...]

15mm scenery build…

I had a little spare time over the last couple of evenings and thought it was time that I put together some more 15mm sci-fi scenery, the main bulk of this I printed out a while back but had not done anything with it. Now my 3D printer is not the best for delicate detail and it does leave lines [Read more...]

Trees, trees and more trees…

Trees, trees and more trees… oh and some bamboo! I didn’t get in a game this weekend as I had lots of interruptions so I decided to spend a little of the free time I had making and repairing some trees. First up was a repair job on some Woodland Scenics trees I had made a while back and [Read more...]

15mm Sci-fi Aliens painted

I spent a couple of hours over the last few days painting up some 15mm Aliens for my sci-fi games, these I believe are the old sculpts of the Kra’Vak infantry but thats not a problem as I like them and they will give me a good alien opponent for my human infantry although I will have to try and find [Read more...]