Painting more 15mm sci-fi stuff…

I play a lot of sci-fi games and normally in 15mm and I have plenty ( probably too many ) infantry to use in my games, mainly these games will use USE ME 15mm sci-fi rules which I like, but I have been looking for other rule sets to run bigger games, but so far I have had no luck 😢 I may [Read more...]

15mm Sci-fi game using USE ME rules

The Avalonia Colonies have been having trouble for many years with break away groups on some of their remote planets, one of these planets is Handor IV. Colonial troops have been sent to this planet to quell the rebels and reinstate order on the planet. A small section of the Colonial force [Read more...]

Solo Wargaming, what’s that all about?

Something a bit different from me this time, no pictures of new models or battle reports just me waffling about something that I think is great fun in these strange times… As the title says “Solo Wargaming, what’s that all about?” With the UK in lockdown because of the virus and with all the [Read more...]