Three different games over three different days…

I wanted to get some gaming in while off from work in the lead up to Christmas but knew that I wouldn’t have much time for each of these games, so I decided to go for a real quick battle for each game.

I was going to play all three of my games over these days, first would be Stars & Lasers using one upgraded big ship on each side no scenario just an all-out slugfest between the two ships.

Then I wanted to get two ACW Ironclads on the table using Blood Sweat & Iron to see how that played out.

And finally, I wanted to put two heavily upgraded cars on the table to see how well that played using my new car rules, this would be the first time I had played using heavily upgraded vehicles so I was looking forward to this game!

So onto the first of the games… Stars & Lasers – let’s get the big guns out!!

As previously stated, this will be a simple battle between two big ships with lots of upgrades, both ships are Dreadnoughts and all the upgrades for each of them are listed below.

First Dreadnought ( Brown ) –

Turret plus a Pulse Cannon

Ablative Armour x 3

Compacted Titanium Armour

Engineer Teams x 3

MKI Torpedoes x 2

Second Dreadnought ( Blue ) –

Turret plus a Plasma Cannon

Ablative Armour x 3

Compacted Titanium Armour

Engineer Teams x 3

MKI Torpedoes x 2

Set-up was simple with both ships facing each other across the table and travelling at full speed.

Turn one and both ships move forward and launch one of their torpedoes at the other ship, things are about to get messy!

Turn two and the first of the torpedoes comes in to the brown ship but thankfully its PDS manages to take it out before it hits and then fires off its last torpedo towards the blue ship.

The blue ship moves towards the largest moon and fires off its last torpedo.

Turn three and the brown ship moves towards the blue ship before it is able to hide behind the moon and fires off a long-range salvo of lasers but doesn’t manage to hit with any of them.

The blue ship comes around the moon and fires off some long-range shots of its own but also doesn’t manage to get any hits.

Turn four and the second torpedo from the blue ship powers towards the brown ship but again its PDS saves it from the torpedo.

The torpedoes from the brown ship move within PDS range of the blue ship and it takes one out and damages the other.

It fires off a long-range broadside but again sees no hits!!

The brown ship moves slowly round towards the blue ship and launches three missiles at close range and as the blue ships PDS is still charging it can not defend itself and takes six hits including a critical hit on one of its broadside laser banks ( I rolled the maximum of nine missile hits but the Titanium armour reduced this damage )

The brown ship then opens up with all the lasers it can bring to bear and strips away all of the blue ships shields and does another hit on its hull.

Turn five, even with the extra teams of engineers on board both ships they both failed in getting their shields back up!!

The final torpedo moved in towards the blue ship but again is taken out by the ships PDS.

The brown ship took advantage of the fact that the blue ship had no shields and moved in close behind it and fired off a full broadside at close range… nine hits!!! And one took out the ships comm’s so they can’t give any orders this turn, oh dear things are looking rather bad for the blue ship.

Turn six and the blue ships engineers finally got their shields up and working, so they may still have a chance in this battle, it moves slowly round to get into a firing position and lets loose with all its lasers and only manages to take down one of the brown ships shields, but then the plasma cannon on its turret fires and also gets a hit but sadly couldn’t hit anything critical.

The brown ship sees that the blue ship is almost finished and moves in for the kill and hits with almost all of its shots causing explosions all over the blue ship, that’s it, its all over for the blue ship as it spins off dead…

Well that could have gone better for the blue ship! damn I had some really bad dice rolls for its shields which meant it had no defence for the last few turns of the battle, and when a dreadnought gets in close with a broadside not many ships can survive that not even another dreadnought, all those engineers would have been shot if they had survived.

The torpedoes from both ships just couldn’t get through the PDS in this game, which was annoying as they can really do a lot of damage if they manage to get in and hit their target.

You really can’t take your eyes off them which is great fun, on turn four I thought both torpedoes were going to hit the blue ship but they both came up short which gave the blue ship a chance to take them out with its PDS and then move away.

Well that was great fun even if it was over a little too quickly, I blame those engineers!

I am now looking forward to the next game of the three which is a one on one in Blood Sweat & Iron ACW game using two big Ironclads.

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