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I have been involved with something very exciting over the last few months, something that I think will be great for anyone using any of my rules, this is the development of an app for my rule sets, the Little Wargaming Worlds app.

The app will allow anyone to make / build army lists for my games, quickly and easily, then those lists will produce datacards within the app so that they can play the games using the app rather than actual cards and a pen!

There is still a lot more to do to the app, but it is mainly tidying and adding “style” graphics to the visual side of things.

Two of my rule sets, Blood Sweat & Iron and the Last Drifters are basically complete in the app, Stars & Lasers is still to be done.

I have been testing the app for a while now and trying to break it!! So far I have only found a one or two tiny bugs which were soon fixed.

With the two sets that are done you can quickly build a list from the selection screen, first you can add a name for your list and then pick which faction the list is for and then set a points level, this will be the basic format for all the rules sets.

You can then simply add your vehicles or ships etc. to the list and then start to add upgrades.

Weapons are easy to add plus their mounts and any upgrades that are available.

Or you can add crew or passengers etc. including adding any skills or weapons that you want them to have.

Once you have a list you can go to the play game section and use the datacards there to track your vehicles / ships during the turns of your game.

Although this will only be a play aid, I am excited about it and think that it will be a useful tool for anyone using my rules.

I will post more updates and screen shots as the app progresses.

Don’t forget to pop over to the Little Wargaming Worlds Discord server to chat about the app or any of my rule sets –

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