Odds and Sods!!

Yep that’s all I have managed to do this week, odds and sods!

No real gaming at all, but now I have a few days off work I am hoping that will change.

I have finally put together the first draft of the small add-on to Stars & Lasers for Star Wars ships, it has data cards for twelve ships so far, that is four for the Empire and eight for the Rebels, this gives a fairly good selection of ships for the first few games, if the rules turn out alright I am hoping to add more ships to the list.

The add-on also contains Command Tokens and Defence Tokens which work in a similar way to the originals, so things like Redirect and Evade etc. for the Defence Tokens and Navigate and Squadron etc. for the Command Tokens, I was really surprised how easily these worked using Stars & Lasers rules.

A member of the Little Wargaming Worlds Discord server designed the tokens for me which was great as that saved me a lot of work, also they are really good.

I also managed to get in some of the Star Wars weapons using Stars & Lasers stats, which again was surprisingly really simple to do.

I am really pleased with how it is going so far…

Although I may be a little early with my self congratulations as I still need to playtest the rules to see if everything works, but that for me is a fun part of writing rules, lots and lots of games 😉

Once I get the basics playtested and working right then I may look at adding some of the upgrade cards / tokens that are in the Star Wars games and see if any will transfer over or not.

It would be good to get the game playing with a good Star Wars feel to it, but at the end of the day I don’t want it to lose any of the things that make Stars & Lasers what it is, so a little bit of juggling might be needed to get things just right.

The other thing that I have managed to get done over the last couple of days is to do a repair on a piece of scenery from the shop, this is a piece of the “Battlefield in a Box” scenery which are really nice, but most of the buildings are hollow so if someone in the shop accidently drops it we end up with holes in it, which doesn’t look nice on the table.

So after seeing this at the shop I brought it home to do some work on it, I did repair a similar piece a while back so I knew how I would proceed.

First it was stuff the hole with paper, lots of paper!!

This was then covered with Miliput and sculpted to look like part of the ruined building… I know that I am no sculptor but I got it looking like the walls and rubble all around it, well as close as I could get it.

Once this was dried I primed it black.

Then did a coat of dark grey then a dry brush of Uniform Grey, I then finished off with a light dry brush using Wolf Grey and that was that.

I think it doesn’t look too bad.

The other thing I did was to print out a new Billboard for my games of the Last Drifters, this was a 3D design that my son did based on the billboards I had made previously out of plastic-card, coffee stirrers and balsa wood.

Well I thought this wasn’t too bad for a first attempt, once it is mounted with some texture and extra bits of scenery around the base it will look good… not sure what poster to put on it yet though.

The back lost all of its texture because of where I sliced it to separate the legs to make printing easier, but that doesn’t worry me at all, it will be fine once I have based and painted it, anyway the newer files are split already so that should make it a lot easier to print.

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