15mm Sci-fi Aliens painted

I spent a couple of hours over the last few days painting up some 15mm Aliens for my sci-fi games, these I believe are the old sculpts of the Kra’Vak infantry but thats not a problem as I like them and they will give me a good alien opponent for my human infantry although I will have to try and find them some infantry support weapons and vehicles at some point.

I had enough figures to give me five squads of eight men including NCO and heavy weapons, and three six-man squads of power armoured infantry including an NCO / Officer and two heavy weapons in each squad.

These all got a quick paint job like the rest of my figures and have been based and finished to match my desert style terrain.

Power armoured sqaud
Basic infantry sqaud
A small sample of who they will be fighting

I also finished off some scatter terrain for them ( and my 28mm stuff ) an assortment of desert style clumps of long grass. These were really quick to do and look fairly good on the table with the figures, I just need to do more so that I have enough to cover big areas of the table ( I normally play on a 6ft x 5ft table so need lots of them )

Next on my To-Do list is the old river sections that I have, I still don’t exactly know what to do with them, but I am hoping that inspiration will come to me when I get them on the painting table…

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