15mm scenery build…

I had a little spare time over the last couple of evenings and thought it was time that I put together some more 15mm sci-fi scenery, the main bulk of this I printed out a while back but had not done anything with it.

Now my 3D printer is not the best for delicate detail and it does leave lines on what ever I print out but I though this chunky scenery didn’t look too bad, it had lines on it but I thought as this was small 15mm stuff that it would be ok when pained up.

I had some fuel tanks, a large tank and a weird power plant ( this was an older print and had a few bad bits and holes in it but I couldn’t be asked to print it out again! ) and also some Jersey barriers which I was just going to use as basic walls.

All these prints I put onto some plastic bases and then added some thin plasticard as some sort of tiles and some wire mesh for some grating.

The tiles I ended up painting as metal plates which I thought made it look more industrial than normal tiles would have.

To all the bases I added some sand, this was fine and in places on top of this I then added some courser sand to give a few stones / rocks to the surface just to make it look a little less neat.

I then painted a good coat of black primer onto all the metal items and a dark sand primer onto all the sand, I then spent a long 30 seconds trying to think of a colour to add to the fuel tanks…

I thought a yellow would look good but then decided that I would maybe come back to these and add some colour another time! Honest I might one day ☹

So after deciding not to add colour to the tanks I hit them all with a not so light dry-brush with gunmetal and dry-brushed the dark sand with a coat of buff.

Then when this was dry, I hit the sand with a very light dry-brush of white to pick out the top edges of the stones and rocks.

The last thing I did was hit the tops of all the metal stuff with a sand wash, not totally covering them but just in places to give the models a dusty look.

To finish I added a few dry tufts and that was that, a real quick scenery build for my 15mm sci-fi games.

I have already had some ideas for scenarios for my sci-fi games using these fuel tanks, they will I think be a good addition to my gaming table.

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    • Mac

      Thanks, it was the easy choice.
      I may print out some more and see if I can get a colour on them just to see what it looks like… I still like the idea of trying a yellow.


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