Two more free scenarios for Stars & Lasers!!

I have just released two more free scenarios for Stars & Lasers, you can find them in the “free stuff” link.

Jump Gate Zero55… This first one is a defence of an important jump gate, can the defenders hold on until help arrives? or will the attackers destroy the enemy’s jump gate before they receive help.

Where is the glory? The second scenario is a re-write of a scenario someone else wrote a while back ( I did get permission to use his original idea and convert it so that it could be played using Stars & Lasers rules )

I think that it transferred really well into Stars & Lasers, it does hopefully keep true to the original.

The scenario sees a dreadnought and its escort heading for the enemy convoy lanes, will they make it? Or will the enemy manage to stop them?

These scenarios were fun to write and have been a lot of fun trying them out, hopefully you will enjoy them as well.

They were written for Stars & Lasers rules system, but they should be useable in other systems with just a little bit of work.

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