Stars & Lasers, two free scenarios No.10

I have two more free scenarios for Stars & Lasers, both kindly written by Vic Dobson, the first scenario is a great multi player scenario, it has been written for three players, and with the possibly of a fourth player turning up!

Can you get the freighter under control and off the table before your opponents?

This is a small ship action where all the sides are trying to order / control a neutral merchant ship, but they may not be the only ones interested in its cargo!

The second scenario is a real huge game which needs large numbers of ships and fighters and even space stations on the table!

This scenario is a large-scale attack on a safe and secure base of operations, they were not expecting it, they were not ready, how many will survive?

It’s time to get out those huge fleets!!

You can find the PDF for these scenarios on this site on my “free stuff” page or on Wargames Vault.

As always although these scenarios have been written for Stars & Lasers I am sure with a few adjustments they would work in your preferred rules system.

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