Stars & Lasers League Round 1

Over the last few weeks at the club several games Stars & Lasers have been played, this has been the first round of the Stars & Lasers league.

The league consists of six rounds of games where the fourteen people involved will play a different scenario each round.

The first round was a scenario called “Lost and Found” a nice little introductory scenario where two small forces are searching for a lost scout ship within an asteroid field, the scout ship has some valuable information on board, once found they have to get this information off the table across their own table edge.

This sounds very simple and probably not much fun, but it really is great fun and can be a real challenge.

There was a good mix of results from the games, it looked like most people had fun, which to me is what really matters.

A couple of people were just caught in the wrong position when their opponent found the information and just could not catch the ship before it left the table.

One game saw the information change hands at least four times during the game, and I think most of the ships on both sides were destroyed.

And one player found out how nasty Fighter Bombers are in Stars & Lasers!!

Below are just a few photos of three of the games, for the next round I will try and get more pictures and maybe even get a few words down as a battle report.

This game saw one player out of position when the information was found, which meant he only had a couple of turns to try and stop his opponents ship getting off the table, I think he managed to get it down to its last point of damage but just could not stop it…

Some serious table studying on this game, this is the game where the information changed hands at least four times.

Fighter Bombers where deadly in this battle, and as one player decided to take a Rhino Class Cruiser there was also a lot of ramming as well…

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