Stars & Lasers Colony Spaceships Supplement

Well illness has slowed things down slightly, but I am glad to say the “Colony Spaceships” supplement for Stars & Lasers is finally finished.–Lasers-Colony-Spaceships

Hopefully I have managed to find all the typos and correct them, and haven’t missed anything thing out from the final PDF, so what will you find in this supplement?

Well, Colony Spaceships!! And lots of them…

In the supplement you will find all the datasheets and background for five complete re-fits of Alpha Class ships, colonies like the Epsilon and Zeta and the Omicron each of which have their own style of fighting and style of ships.

Then you have the Centaurus spaceships that have shunned the use of lasers! And then you have the scattered small colonies that use the small Iota class spaceships to overwhelm their enemies with swarms of deadly ships.

Also, you will find a couple of new ships in this supplement, plus a couple of new weapon systems.

There is also a couple of new fun scenarios for you to play, and all the new datasheets for the new ships are in there as well.

As always, I hope you have fun using this new Stars & Lasers supplement.

What else is there to look forward to for Stars & Lasers?

Well, I am working on two new weapons systems, these have been hard and are still causing problems, but I am hopeful that I can get them done soon, when they are finished they will be free to download.

What else?

I have been working on something a bit different for Stars & Lasers, something I have been looking at for a long time, this was first thought of for a different project that I was involved with a few years back but just wasn’t developed into anything useable.

Since then I have put the basic stuff together and it is almost workable… but not quite.

Well I don’t want to give too much away for now, I will give a few more teasers out as I get closer to completing this project, maybe the odd photo or two as well.

Watch this space!

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