Some new fleets for Stars & Lasers…

Note: It’s been a bad couple of weeks for my site, everything crashed and it made it impossible for me to post anything, but after a couple of hours work last night the whole site has been moved over to another server and things are back to normal again….

Well another couple of productive nights this week, I managed to get four more spaceship fleets painted and almost ready to use on the table.

I had to fix all the flight stands to the models and make wire stands where needed which was most of the smaller ships!!

So, lots of drilling and gluing but at last they are done, all I need to do now is tidy up the bases a little and fix some numbers to them.

First off we have two Human fleets, these are a mix of Full Thrust, Drop Fleet and Silent Death fighters ( from EM4 Miniatures ) these are nice ships that have painted up really nice.

The red ships again have not photographed that well, something with my camera and reds!

Next up is a Full Thrust Kra’Vak Alien fleet, I really do like these ships, they look sleek and deadly and will fit in Stars & Lasers as either an Alien fleet or a Human fleet, they will pass as either.

The two biggest ships came with loads of tiny turret weapons which I have left off as they didn’t fit in with the look that I wanted, although I might use them one day as weapons on a space-station or something.

The last lot are the Full Thrust Sa’Vasku Alien ships, these really fit in as another Alien bio-ship fleet and will get a lot of use in my games.

Now the next job for these fleets is the fighters and fighter bombers, I have enough for about twelve fighter stands and about six fighter bomber stands, that will be six fighters and three bombers for each fleet, but I only have enough bases for three stands!!!

It looks like that I will have to either order them online form GZG or wait until SELWG show to get some more without the postage… I will be going to the show so without the postage is a better option I think, that sounds like I am a bit tight, but they are 90p each so they are not cheap when you need loads, as I will still need more for the Alien fleets, and I still want to replace the bases I have for my original bio ship fighters, as I don’t like them as much.

And I probably have enough little fighters sitting in a box for about another six Alien fighter stands and about another twenty more Human fighters stands!!!!

To be honest I am not sure I would ever use that many fighters so they may never get done, but if I should add more fleets to my ever-growing number of fleets, then I will need to add fighters to them…

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    Hi Mac,

    Those sure are some nifty ships you’ve got there – nice paint schemes too. The green Sa’Vasku are very nice (I like green ships!).
    The Kra’Vak – are they a mix of old and new miniatures? I’ve got 2 decent sized KV fleets, 1 in old and 1 in new (although I’ve yet to assemble the new DN & CVA yet – storage space is an issue!)

    I’m getting jealous now 🙂 I really need to get round to painting my lead mountain, but until the storage issue is resolved I won’t if I can’t be sure they won’t get damaged whilst being stored.

    For fighters, you could use just 1 fighter miniature on a base and place a small d6 next to the base to record the number of fighters in the flight – this is what I do. I got fed up with never having enough fighters for the larger games, so I opted to follow a suggestion in one ruleset and use 1 per base – a pack of 6 fighters now goes a long way, which is a good thing when you bear in mind the prices (for something smaller than a pea!)


  2. Mac

    Hi Vic,
    Thanks for the comments mate, the paint schemes are really really simple coat of the GW Contrast paints then a quick dry brush with a lighter colour, and finally pick out a few highlights and that’s it.
    I will probably go back and do a little detail work but for now they are finished.
    Yes the Kra’Vak are a mixture of the old and the new, but I think they look ok together.
    At the moment I don’t have a shortage of fighters it is the bases that I have trouble getting, I really like the GZG ones, but I am looking for cheaper alternatives as I need so many.


    Hi Mac,

    One idea for multi-based fighters is to glue a square/hex/circle of acetate onto the top of a black plastic base peg and then glue the individual fighters at various points around the rim of the acetate. If a big enough gap is left in the middle, a small d6 dice can be placed in the gap to track losses to the flight.

    If it’s just the black bases, you can email Jon at GZG and ask if he’ll sell you just the plastic bases – he did me a while back – I bought something like 100 black and 30 sparkled black bases, priced at about 12p each. Brigade also (sometimes) have them in stock now & then and they sell baggies of 10 bases for about £1.50 a go.

    As I use the “single-miniature-on-a-base” approach for my fighters (some of my rules can have single fighters as units, and I use a lot of fighters at times), I needed a vast amount of bases – of those 130 or so bases, 90 went for fighters & missiles …


    • Mac

      Hi Vic,
      I have thought about the acetate circle before I saw it once at a show and it looked ok, but I have been thinking more lately about the single base with a dice on to show how many fighters in the flight and one model on a wire just to show the type of fighter.
      I am trying to make the bases out of plasicard ( I will put up some pictures if they turn out ok )
      I have been using the metal fighter bases from GZG as I like them, but they are not cheap when you need lots!
      I will probably pick up some of the GZG ones from SELWG in October if I can’t get the plasticard bases looking right.

      …..130 bases!! I thought that I had a problem!! ;O)

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