Some drilling done!

Well its been a few days since I have managed to get anything “Hobby” related done, the most I have managed to do is to put down a few notes for a new spaceship for Stars & Lasers and some ideas for two more scenarios.

Again, these scenarios will at least in the initial ideas and background be based on a real events / sea battles of WW2.

And the new ship will have something to do with mines…

Any way I did get a small amount of time the other night, so I thought that I would get some drilling done!!

Just so that I could fit some ships to bases, I use the Hawk Widgets fixed under my ships which I find really good, they can be a pain to fit on the smaller ships, but I now find that these work better mounted on a thin piece of wire.

The widgets mean that I can remove the base for ease when transporting, the ships take up less space and fit in the foam trays better.

First lot I did are what to me looks like it will be a resistance type fleet, a few different ships from different factions but I think that they will look good together when painted, to go with these I have several smaller ships which will be used for clippers etc. and loads of fighters, this should be a reasonable sized force when completed.

Second up is a selection of civilian ships, freighters, transporters and civilian liners / yachts, the haulers will be added to my growing convoy force, maybe one day I will do a huge battle with a large convoy being protected from enemy ships, I have around thirty haulers now ( I will get some pictures up once this lot have been painted )

Next is a little dilemma I have for Monday nights game, I normally just turn up with all my ships and play a scenario with my opponent, but our next game will be 1,000 points each of our own ships ( he has been painting ) so I have two choices for my 1,000 points…

Do I take these lovely painted Aquan ships which were painted by another friend ( unlike me some one that can actually paint )

The force would be –

4 x Light Cruisers and 6 x Corvettes

Or shall I take a “Reformer” fleet, this would be –

1 x Hive Battleship, 4 x Splinter “Hammer” 4 x Splinter “Dart” and 3 x Fighter Bombers

The “Reformer” force would be harder to play and harder to beat, if I can get them working correctly ( I always seem to make mistakes with them! ) their ability to repair the hive ship is a hard thing to try and counter.

The Aquan fleet would just be classed as a normal standard fleet, as I have not managed to think of any rules yet to cover these fishy delights!!

I need to though soon as I have a huge fleet of these lovely looking ships, although the rest are either unpainted or painted in a different style.

Which ever I use I will try and remember to get some pictures of them and my opponents ships on the table.

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