New 3D printed merchant fleet for Stars & Lasers.

I have finally finished the new Merchant Fleet Pack for Stars & Lasers, and I am pleased with how they have turned out.

I have designed these merchant ships for games using Stars & Lasers rules, but of course they could be used in most miniature game systems.

These are very simple ships which fit in with what I wanted for the Human merchant ships, these I see as the work force all around Earth and its neighbouring planets and colonies.

They have changed a little since I last showed pictures of them as they had a few little issues, but these are done now and I see them being used in many of my games.

First off there are the Heavy and Light Freighters with all their cargo containers, lots of options here as the containers on the two empty freighter hulls can be printed as needed.

This means you can configure your merchant fleet the way you want, maybe all normal containers or all liquid tankers or a mix of both, the choice is yours.

There is also a Light Freighter with six slightly different cargo containers already attached.

Then there are two Tender ships or Repair ships, one large and one small, the large one has workshop and storage blocks all along one side and the two docking arms on the other.

The smaller Tender has something similar, but with only one large workshop and storage area plus only one docking arm.

Then there are the two Civilian Liners, one Super Liner, nothing too exotic just plain and simple design which is meant to transport civilians on holiday among the stars in comfort or as a way for civilians to travel between colonies.

And last but not least a smaller Civilian Liner, based on a similar design to the Super liner, this ship has also been designed to transport civilians between colonies.

These are what I have printed so far, I can’t wait to get these mounted on their flight stands and painted ready for a game.

The STL files are available from Wargames Vault ––Lasers-Merchant-Fleet

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