More free Scenarios for Stars & Lasers!!

I have just released two more free scenarios for Stars & Lasers, you can
get them from Wargames Vault, or you can download from this site from the “free stuff” section.

The first scenario is loosely based on a WW2 sea battle which took place on
the 22nd of March 1942 when a British convoy was attacked by a stronger Italian force, the British sent most of the escorting ships to face the Italian ships while the convoy slipped off to escape.

The second scenario is again loosely based on a real battle in WW2 where a
Cruiser was surprised by an enemy Cruiser that was disguised as a cargo ship, this is a real simple one-on-one battle between two evenly matched ships, this can  it can still be very challenging.

I do hope you have fun playing these scenarios.–Lasers-No4

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    Hi Mac – nice new scenarios! Using WW2 as a source of inspiration is a great idea – using WW1 is too …

    I’ve got another scenario idea for you, this time based on The Battle of Heligoland Bight of 1914: Royal Navy vs Imperial German Navy. I think it’d make a good (and most amusing) S&L fight …
    The real battle was planned by the RN as an offensive sweep into the Bight, near the German/Denmark coast and dominated by the Heligoland island/fortress. Forces were to be kept light, only DD and CL and it really wasn’t much more than a ‘tweaking the Kaisers nose’ idea that they had in mind. But the German’s got wind of the plan and were waiting and ready.
    And that’s when Ma Nature intervened – fog blanketed the area and the RN ships that were sent charging in to attack were effectively blind, navigating both the shallows & possible minefields and unaware that a great many German CL were ready to meet them.
    The fog meant that ID’ing enemy ships was difficult, so at times the RN shelled both the Germans and each other, RN CL’s chased RN DD’s, RN DD’s then chased some RN CL’s, and all the while, in all this chaos, the German CL’s were steadily gaining the upper hand – and the looming threat of the Heligoland fortresses with their big guns was ever present, constraining the RN’s options.
    Things then went truly chaotic – 2 big RN BC’s suddenly stormed from out of the fog and opened fire on the Germans. The Germans were taken by surprise – as was the RN commodore (Tyrwhitt, I think?) on the spot, who wasn’t told he was to have such support.

    In the end the RN won a morale boosting victory and the Germans lost a couple of CL’s to Beatty’s BC’s, but in all the chaos it would’ve been all too easy for one of the stressed & excitable RN CL or DD (and even BC) captains to put a few torpedoes into each other – it was a rather close shave!

    For S&L I’d use some numbered ‘blind’ markers for to represent the ships on the table – they would only be replaced with miniatures when the range between them dropped to 6″ or less. This way no one could be sure what it was they were chasing and firing at – sure, it might be a puny FF, but then again it could be a BC – you wouldn’t know til you got close enough to get a proper look – and if it is a BC ….
    Heligoland could be represented by a big base station and the shallows/minefields by asteroids.

    Both sides should have roughly equal forces, based on PV but with no fixed options and a completely free choice of ship selection, that way the enemy won’t know exactly what your force comprises, leading to some nasty surprises when his BC chases what he thinks is a CL only to find a BB or DN waiting to greet him!

    WW1 is a great mine of scenario ideas, and it wasn’t all Jutland. The Battle of Coronel, The Battle of the Falklands, the ‘What If’ of Admiral Troubridge and the Goeben, Dogger Bank …
    Being WW1 the fleet involved were enormous by modern standards, but fleet sizes can easily be scaled down – the 100+ ships at Dogger Bank could easily become 11 ships a side in S&L.


  2. Mac

    Hi Vic,

    Thanks mate, I hope you like playing the new scenarios, I have had a few good games using them, I have been having fun looking at sea battles from WW2… I have not thought about WW1 before, but I will take a look now.

    Thanks for the scenario idea, that does sound like fun, the numbered ‘blind’ markers would make things…. interesting.
    Not knowing what you are about to attack would be nerve racking!!

    I might try that and see what I can come up with.


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