1. Victor Dobson

    Hi Mac – Happy New Year!
    That’s an impressive pile of lead spaceships! And I see an older GZG types in amongst them too – I’ve on occasion bought some of the old style FT range from Jon at GZG. He still has (some?) of the old molds and if asked will provide what you want/need IF the mold is still available, all for similar prices to the newer range (which is only fair – the old FT range molds are ‘well aged’ and require more work to get stuff from). Such castings can also require some extra clean-up, but you can get some really nice ship types that aren’t commonly available except at silly ‘collectors’ prices (I bought ESU Gorshkov CA’s and Beijing-B CE’s).
    I also enlarged my fleets this Christmas – more battlewagons and some big carriers! Lots to look forwards to – ripe for S&L …

    Regards, Vic

  2. Mac

    Happy New Year Vic,
    Yeah there are a lot if ships getting ready for some games of Stars & Lasers, and the old ones are still some of the best I have, I still have some more ready to get on to my work bench, but at the moment time is not my friend, there is just not enough hours in the day!
    Can you spot the made-up one? that was done just to give me a bigger ship… I will post a better picture of it next time.

  3. Vic Dobson

    Hi Mac,

    It’s a real mix of Brigade, GZ and a few Silent Death types, but I suspect the made up ship is on the right – looks like a set of GZ New Israeli wings with a Japanese forward hull. It’s certainly not one I instantly recognise! It might be the UNSC cruciform hull type on the lower left of the pic – again, I don’t recall seeing that particular miniature in the GZ range before!

    I recently acquired some additional new Kra’vak ships from Jon – the new style sculpts are excellent, with great detail (even if the tiny turrets are fiddly for stiff old ‘sossidge’ fingers like mine) – highly recommended!

    I quite fancy the super BB as a Stars and Lasers DN.


    • Mac

      Hi Vic,
      The base of the ship is a ESU Changchun class Light Carrier (CVL) and the ship stuck on top is a Rim Pirate Ravager Light Carrier, I will put some pictures up soon.


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