Is that a UFO I can see…

Well Christmas has gone and almost forgotten but I had one last present to open…

Most of us have been talked into joining in with the Secret Santa at work and getting a real rubbish joke pressie that we hate and can’t or won’t use, well this year I was entered into my works Secret Santa, I thought that I would get the normal silly desktop joke thing like a pair of wobbly plastic racing grannies or some horrible smelling aftershave that is very good for keeping cats out of the garden!!

Well this year was different, a few days ago I received a very late Secret Santa from a friend at work who got me in the draw.

I know the pressie was late but he was busy with family stuff ( congratulations on the birth of your son ) and working on my pressie!!

Well I now have yet another fleet of spaceships for Stars & Lasers! this time they are flying saucer type ships which I think look great, they are from some weird game that I do not know but he has painted them and they are ready to be put onto flight stands and used on the table.

The only downside is that I will now probably have to write some rules so that I can use them properly as real aliens in their flying saucers.

He also put in the pressie a few extra odd little ships which I will also be finding fleets for, maybe civilian ships or shuttles or runabouts.

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