Free scenarios for Stars & Lasers… No.8

I have put a new set of scenarios up on Wargames Vault and this time it’s not two free scenarios, this time there is an extra one! so three free scenarios for you to play using Stars & Lasers.

I was working on one scenario when I received not one but two scenarios from my friend Vic Dobson who has written a few scenarios now for Stars & Lasers and if you have played any of his before you will know that they are lots of fun.

So the first one in this pack is based on a game I had with my alien bio-ships recently and it is called “Pay Back” this scenario sees a large alien force coming to get revenge on some humans after they kill one of their own… it is a tough one for the humans as they don’t have many ships on the table to start with and they have to stay alive long enough for reinforcements to arrive and help them.

The next scenario is the first one from Vic and it is a great one, this one is called “Mind The Gap” and it sees two big ships racing towards a very small gap in an asteroid field, which one will make it through?

And last but not least is the second scenario from Vic and it is called “Escalating Engagement” get out lots of ships as you are in for a big battle this time, but a word of warning pick your fleet carefully because some of ships do not make it in time to help in the battle!

Well I would like to say a big thank you to Vic for two more great scenarios and of course I hope every one has as much fun playing them as I did.

You can download the free scenarios from here ––Lasers-No8


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  1. Vic Dobson

    Hi Mac!

    Thanks for your comments – it’s always fun writing for S&L! I had a dry spell for a while (I think the coffee reserve ran low!) but when I recalled the board game scenario I had to adapt it to S&L – it’s a great fun game that uses some of the games biggest ships.

    The fleet battle scenario was as much about how you select & organise your Task Forces as it is about the battle itself – choose unwisely when selecting ships or when creating Task Forces and the battle will become a lot harder! And of course, one of your fleets Task Forces won’t even reach the battle in time …

    They were certainly fun to write – I think perhaps I’ll return to naval history for my next scenario ideas …

    Happy Gaming!

  2. Mac

    Hi Vic,

    Great fun scenarios mate.

    “Escalating Engagement” is really hard to get right, I played it again the other night and found it frustrating when one sides big ship didn’t turn up and the others did!!

    I find that I like the challenge ;O) it’s too easy to pick nice even forces.

    I can’t wait to see any naval history ones you do mate.


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