Free scenarios for Stars & Lasers No.6

I have finally managed to get this latest set ready for release, and what a great set of scenarios they are!!

Both of these have again been kindly written by Vic Dobson for stars & Lasers for which I am very greatful, great stuff again.

And well I have to say I think the first scenario of the two has to be my favorite scenario so far!!

“The Fortress” is a great way to get loads of your ships onto the table… but a word of warning – Don’t get too close to the Bight!!!

The second scenario is a great one as well, “Between a rock and a hard place” sees you on a training mission to see how you cope with the un-expected, how will you use your fighters?

I hope you enjoy using these scenarios and although they have been written for Stars & Lasers I am sure with a little bit of adjustment they could be used in your prefrerred rule set.

You can find this new set on wargames Vault ––Lasers-No6

Or you can download from my Free Stuff page on this site.

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  1. Vic Dobson

    Hi Mac!

    Nice write up – thanks! Both scenarios were fun to write & try out – they’re both bigger than my usual run of scenarios (but that in turn brings other challenges) and I’m currently pondering other scenario ideas for S&L.
    I’ve debated getting one of Khurasans’ space leviathan monster miniatures (in the spaceships range) & writing an S&L variant of another scenario I wrote for another system. TT Combats Etherdrake miniature would suffice too, so maybe … Vic

    • Mac

      Hi Vic,

      Oh wow!! never seen that Khurasan Leviathan before and now I want one, what a great ship / creature, perfect for my bio fleet.

      Not as keen on the TTCombet one, it’s still nice but I prefer the “Magellanic Nomad”

      And also perfect for the Leviathan supplement when I get it finished ( which should be very soon )

      I would be interested in seeing any scenarios you fancy writing mate.

      I am looking at doing some re-writing of your “The Pursuit of the Lion” scenarios, I have just read them again and think they should work well for Stars & Lasers, I just need to do a little research to find out what a Solar Mk6 Cutter is…


      • Vic Dobson

        Hi Mac,
        A Solar Mk 6 cutter is a sub-gunboat sized ship used for local patrol duties, although you can use them in wolf-pack attacks against larger ships (not recommended, unless you’re not unduly worried about them never coming back … )

        I’d suggest they’d be roughly about the size of an S&L clipper. Compared to that Klingon D30 in Pursuit they’re tiny – they’re fast & agile but very frail … one good disruptor shot or photon torpedo … to be honest, when I wrote Pursuit I was rather showcasing the D30’s sheer nastiness – it’s the best balanced ship I ever designed for the Starship Combat Simulator – and I was so pleased with the final design that I wanted to show off with it a bit & wrote Pursuit.

        But the D30 (as compared to an S&L BC) is somewhat faster & has more aft firing weaponry, making it much less vulnerable to being out manoeuvred by small agile ships like the Solar.

        You could do a variant S&L BC to be the D30, the (Igstravean?) ‘Heavy Attack’ BC with slightly increased speed, some armament (maybe 1 or 2 lasers perhaps) redistributed equally from the sides to the front/aft arcs, & with more armour but less shields – this would allow frontal charge & fly-by tactics to be used whilst preventing it from being too over powered. Get caught on a flank and it’s going to be rough ride …
        Points value would increase slightly to reflect the speed and armour, but it’s more of a hull variant than a truly new class of ship.


  2. Mac

    Hi Vic,
    Thanks for the info on the Solar, it sounds like it is comparable to the Clipper which is definitely a very fragile ship and could be fun going up against a Battlecruiser!!

    I could work on a slightly faster and up armoured Battlecruiser and I think you are right it would probably be those Igstrevean’s again, it does sound like a scenario involving them…


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