Even more ships!!

Well another productive couple of nights, two more fleets hit the table.

The first was not painted by me, these are ships that I got from a friend a while back, they were painted up to a very good standard ( compared to most of mine! ) but they were in need of a little bit of love, so a little cleaning up and re-basing was done.

I have drilled them all and fixed them to new bases and then touched up the paintwork on them all, covering over small chips and scratches which they somehow had gained while sitting in bubble wrap in a box!

Any way now they look ready for battle.

The second fleet is a small odds and sods one, no big ships in this at all, the largest would be used as possibly a light cruiser which will be supported by destroyers and frigates and corvettes, and last but not least ( ok least! ) a couple of clippers.

I have put in a couple of extra ships as small transports or tenders, probably just for scenarios but I think they fit in ok with the rest.

I had to drill these as well and fit new bases, but I am getting quicker at this task now, so it didn’t take too long to do.

So, two more fleets ready for some games… although I still have two of my largest fleets to do, these come in at about thirty ships for the smaller fleet and well over forty in the larger one!!

At least the smaller one is already painted it just needs re-basing, so lots more drilling!

But the larger one is going to be more trouble, it is my Aquan fleet, it is made up of two fleets really, one has been painted by someone that can really paint! It has been airbrushed and looks brilliant, so there is no way I can match the finish that those ships have, so that fleet is not getting any bigger.

The second Aquan fleet is the biggest, at least forty ships and of those about twenty are painted.

They have been painted in a very nice simple style ( and one that I do like ) the problem is I am not sure that I will be able to match the paint job on the remaining twenty ships.

The original colour scheme is a spray coat of silver then different colour inks have been used for the different types of ship, I do like the finish I just hope that I can match it, I don’t want to have to re-paint them all in a new style or split it into two fleets.

Well that task is for another time, for now though I am thinking about trying to put together some more ships for my Alien Bio Fleet, I have been sorting out some more of the Tryranid and Genstealer bits, not sure how many ships I will be able to do but whatever I make I will put some pictures up on here when they are finished, I also am still trying to find something that I can use for alien bio fighters.

The other thing that I keep thinking about is putting together a fleet of “Reavers”, from that you may guess that this fleet will be based on the “Reavers” from Serenity / Firefly, have a search on Google if you don’t know what I mean, ships with loads of spikes and metal and pieces of other smaller ships all welded onto the hull.

I think that I may end up getting some ships from SELWG show in October, I do like the GZG Ravager ships, and I have seen some great conversions of these on the interweb.

But whatever I end up doing for these ships I will definitely put some pictures up on here.

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