Could these be Scavengers?

Over the last few nights I have been putting together another fleet for Stars & Lasers, this time it is loosely based on the “Reavers” from Firefly.

I had lots of odds and sods left over from a couple of fleets so decided to make up some weird looking ships by adding small pieces of other ships, once this was done I then drilled a few holes and then added some thin copper wire making some sort of pipe-work which seemed to make the pieces “join” or at least make them look connected.

The pictures are not great, I found out that taking photos of white ships is not the easiest thing to do, the ships look a lot “whiter” in the pictures than they actually are.

The ships are the start of a new faction in which will be based loosely on the Reavers in Firefly, all of the ships will be different, no two ships will be the same!

They piece together their ships from scrap and other damaged ships, welding on sections as their original ships are damaged, this means that each ship will probably have odd weapons systems and their shields will be erratic and unstable trying to cover the new sections of ship.

They will probably have a couple of new weapons as well…

It’s work in progress, so they will probably change and evolve as I make the rules for them and start to play test them.

First off is a small fighter carrier.

Several Light Cruisers.

Three Frigates.

Five Corvettes.

And a photo of the fleet so far.

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  1. Vic Dobson

    Hi Mac,
    Seasonal greetings! The Reaver ships above look very nice – I’ve not got enough spare ship bits in my spares box to make such large scale conversions, although I can do smaller things (most of my ‘spares’ are 15mm vehicle or infantry bits).

    I did convert a 15mm Drop Pod by Alternative Armies with some spares to make a starship vaguely (and I do mean only vaguely!) reminiscent of the Marco Polo from the Perry Rhodan Sci-Fi series/books – big ball type ship studded with weapons.

    Happy New Year!

    • Mac

      Hi Vic,

      Seasonal greetings! to you as well mate.

      Thanks I was pleased with how the Reavers turned out, I will have to think up some rules for them soon.
      My bits box is a lot smaller now after doing all these ships and the Bio ships and the Reformers, but while going through I did find some more Tyranid and Genestealer bits so may put one or two more small Bio ships together.

      Happy New Year.

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