Can you have too many cargo ships?

As the title says, “can you have too many cargo ships?” well that’s the question I have asked myself… and the answer is… maybe!

I had a little free time tonight, so I managed to get some paint on some more freighters / cargo ships to use in my games of Stars & Lasers, these are some of the smaller freighters I have but they are still very nice models.

They are from a set of cargo ships from Brigade Models I picked up a while back, these are really nice simple models, and I will definitely be getting more.

Some of the ships in the set are modelled with weapons on very small turrets, these didn’t fit in with what I wanted so I filed them off.

Again, they all had a very quick paint job, which means they fit in with all my others!

I saw a similar colour scheme on someone’s blog a long while back and liked the orange, yellow and blue containers and have tried to get a similar finish, although they are nowhere near as good as the original ones, I am happy with them.

I think that I have enough now for a really big convoy game…  or do I need more?

Note: having looked at the photos more closely while getting them ready for this post, I realized that I need to lighten the blue slightly to match the first freighters I painted.

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    • Mac

      UltraOrk, thank you.

      I was going to change the blue as it is slightly different to the previous blue on the older ships, but I have had it pointed out to me that it doesn’t matter… and i guess it doesn’t.
      But I will be looking for some lettering for the containers and even company logo’s, the lettering will probably be done with decals if i can find some small enough, but I might be able to freehand a simple logo or two!


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