Blood Sweat & Iron Free Scenario Pack No.2

Yes I have finally managed to get this finished and released.

What you will find in this second scenario pack is two very simple scenarios that should give you a few hours of fun playing them.

The first scenario is called “Destroy the Supplies!” and in this scenario a Union force makes a surprise attack on Confederate riverside warehouses.

You will find some print-outs of some datacards for the Gun Batteries and Warehouses at the back of this scenario pack plus some simple scenery, these can be printed out and either laminated or stuck to thin cardboard for you to use in this scenario.

I have had lots of fun playing this, this would be a really easy scenario if only the Confederate ships were not attacking your ships while you are trying to destroy their warehouses!!

The second scenario is called “Break Out” which sees a small Confederate force trying to hold a blockade on a section of river.

You do not get many points for your forces so select your ships carefully.

Both of these scenarios have been written for Blood Sweat & Iron but I am sure that with a little adjustment they could be used with your preferred rules systems.

You can find this new pack on Wargames Vault here ––Iron-No2

Come on over to my Discord server to chat about your games of Blood Sweat & Iron and show us some pictures of the battles, or show us some pictures of your ships, or just come and chat about the rules.

You will find the link to the server on the community tab at the top of the site.

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