Blood Sweat & Iron ACW Ironclad rules..

I have finally managed to get these rules finished, nearly two years in the writing and they are now done.

Blood Sweat & Iron is a simple American Civil War Ironclad river actions rule set, it uses a very simple combat system to allow you to play battles within a couple of hours.

You can use any ships that you already have no matter on the company they come from or the size that they are, as long as you and your opponent know what they are you are good to go.

The system uses datasheets for each ship in the game, all are at the back of the rules ready for you to print out and use.

Blood Sweat & Iron is meant to be a fun game that offers the players a feel for the river battles of the era, this is not meant to be a true historical simulation.

There are no huge charts needed to play as almost everything you need is either on the ship’s datasheets or on the Quick Reference Sheet, all tokens you need are supplied as well.

The rules cover over eighty ships of the time, plus a few extras to add to your games like shore forts, barges and fire rafts etc. etc.

I will put up a battle report on here as time will allow, I will also keep you up to date on here with any news or rules updates.

You can get the rules from Wargames Vault here ––Iron

Happy Gaming,


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  1. Will

    Always on the look out for simple ironclad games. Although, more involved have you checked out Sai and Steam navies available on Wargame vault.

    The pdf comes with a massive inventory of over 1000 vessels used in the ACW and would be an invaluable resource for you to adapt to yourown datacards

    • Mac

      Hi Will,
      I will check out those rules thank you, it would be good to add some more ships to the list.
      And as my son did the app that produces the datacards, ships are very easy to add.


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