Bio Ship vs Colony Ships… Solo game

A small force of Alien Bio-ships has been seen close by a small colony on the edges of UEF space so a colony force has been sent out to investigate and to engage if the Aliens are found.

A small Bio group have found a small Human colony on the edges of bio system space and they have been given instructions from the queen to destroy all the humans that they find in this area, but while scouting the colony they have been spotted by a human force so must now fight to survive.

Well I had some free time today and decided that there was enough time for a small quick game and I wanted to get a game in with the bio ships again, this would just be a simple meeting engagement battle between two force of around 500 points.

After a basic set up of both forces I drew the first random event card and got the four “Help has arrived” so I randomised which side would receive these ships and it was the Humans, so the nearby colony sent in two small frigates to help with the main colony force, so I added two different colour dice to the bag as I thought that these should be run like the Aliens using the solo rules.

Two frigates from the nearby colony arrive to lend a hand

So turn one started with some aggressive movement from the Aliens they were coming in fast and were not too worried about the pesky humans, some early long range shooting by the Aliens saw the shields on one of the newly arrive frigates taken down and some light damage was put on the ship.

Some very deadly long range shooting continued by the Aliens which almost destroyed one of my corvettes, in return I managed to strip the armour from two Alien corvettes.

The new arrivals took some early damage from the Alien frigates

Turn two, an eight was drawn from the random event deck, and an Alien corvette took 3 extra damage from some sort of internal hot “burp”, the random events are definitely not going well for the Aliens so far.

The Aliens kept up their accurate long range fire in this turn but could not hit a thing close up, which was crazy!!

The Human light cruiser moved in and ripped apart an Alien corvette and the pain was felt through the whole Bio fleet as they failed their Response check and now they are fighting on the defensive, things were starting to look good for the colony ships.

Turn three, the five was drawn this turn and it went the Alien way this time, the Alien light cruiser will get “Take Aim” this turn and get an extra +1 to its critical hit rolls.

And guess what the first dice from the bag was an Alien dice and the first Alien that was to activate was the light cruiser! It moved to a good safe position and opened up with its weapons and only managed two hits but did get a critical hit damaging a frigate shields which would now need repairing before they could be used again ( terrible shooting out of 10 shots only two hits and most were at less then half range, other than the two hits the highest roll was a six!! and the critical it got wasn’t great either )

Then an Alien corvette moved in behind my light cruiser ( which hadn’t reinstated its shields ) and got a critical hit and destroyed its shield generators for the rest of the game!

Another Alien corvette moved around to get closer to its mates and fired off some shots into the Human light cruiser and managed to get a critical hit and take out the bigger ships comm’s.

Well that wasn’t a great turn for the Humans, lots of hits from the Aliens and mostly at over half range, very few hits from the human ships, I think the gunnery crews need re-training!

The Human light cruiser was in bad shape, could it stay in this fight?

Turn four, the Human engineers need shooting! but I have no one to shoot them as my gunnery teams are rubbish! The engineers failed every shield roll so most of my ships are now flying defenceless…

A two was drawn from the deck “Power Failure” and one of the Alien corvettes has lost its shields for the turn… wait a minute they don’t have shields!!!!! Damn what a waste.

Things need to go well for the Humans in this turn because they are in a bad way with only a frigate and a corvette with working shields this turn, and their weapons not being able to hit anything… they need a miracle.

The first thing I did was try and get my light cruiser as safe as possible, but hey that didn’t work as the Alien light cruiser managed another three hits at long range and my ship went spinning off into space, the Alien cruiser thought it would really try and piss me off and also took out one of my corvettes as well, the Aliens shooting is getting silly now.

On the last move of the turn for the Aliens they managed to take out one of the extra frigates, it was destroyed in a huge explosion killing all crew on board.

Well I lost a lot in that turn and took more damage on the ships I have remaining, but I did manage to hurt the Aliens this turn as well, the Alien light cruiser is almost dead so I should be able to kill that in the next turn, but I am not sure about anything else.

Turn five, a three was drawn from the random event deck and one of my last corvette has had a “Targeting Failure” and has mistaken a friendly ship as an enemy… it’s a good job my ships can’t hit anything!

Two of my frigates moved in to finish off the alien light cruiser the ugly thing could not take any more punishment, it spun off slowly into space and died, a cheer went up across all the remaining Human ships…

The cheering didn’t last long though as an Alien corvette moved behind one of the small colony frigates and tore it apart with some very accurate long distance shooting, then one of my frigates tucked in close behind an Alien frigate and managed to kill it, even my gunners couldn’t miss from point blank range.

Final positions at the end of the battle

At this point in the battle I had two frigates and a corvette with only four hull points between them and again I failed to reinstate any shields and most of the bio ships were still in good health, they had all lost their extra armour but only two had any damage.

So the Human commander called for his remaining ships to pull back to the colony and to make a defence there and left the bio ships to feed on the wreckage… also my dinner was ready ;O)

Well that was not great for the Human colony fleet, they started off with an advantage with the two extra frigates but they just couldn’t do anything with it.

Their shooting was complete rubbish not only couldn’t they hit at long range they also missed at close range, I am not noted for good dice rolls but I saw some really bad dice rolling in this game, it was terrible.

The bio ships were on target a lot at long range which made a great difference to the game more so when their aggression level changed to defencive, it really helped as they were trying to keep away from my ships so needed to hit at long range.

Again it was a fun game and it could have gone either way, but those Alien bio ships proved to be hard to beat yet again.

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  1. Patrick

    Just bought your rule set bundle. Your battle reports are what got me interested. Keep up the good work.

  2. Mac

    Hi Patrick,
    Thanks I am glad you like them, I have fun doing them.

    I hope you like the rules, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime.

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