Another race night using the Last Drifters rules.

I had arranged another game at the club and again it was going to be a simple race game using the Last Drifters rules.

I would have two new players joining in and one player who had played a couple times previously so knew how to play.

I again just made a few very similar cars to use and let the players pick randomly which car they would drive in the race, after about five minutes giving a quick overview of the cars, sheets and game play it was time to start the engines!!

I just laid out a simple oval track with a slightly narrow lane on one side, nothing too exciting but hopefully good enough for an evening fun.

After a slow steady start towards the first bend ( while the new players learned the mechanics ) all the vehicles started to power down the track.

There was some tight manoeuvring on and around the first bend, a couple of the cars took it a little wide allowing me to slip past and use some nitrox to gain nice little lead.

Two of the cars had miniguns on their roof’s, these were going to be a big problem! I had to make sure that I kept away from those.

Lots of the early shooting proved to be not very deadly! Only a few bullets hit their targets and with most of those just bouncing off the vehicles armour.

Then along comes the last place vehicle ( the one with the dozer blade on the front ) this was a new player, his first time firing, he fires his minigun at the yellow car just in front of him… and the heavy bullets smash through the cars weak armour making it seem like paper!

Some of the shots hit the engine causing heavy damage, the effect of this hail of bullets was that the driver and the passenger were both badly shaken.

Three damage including two critical hits!! The critical to the engine reduced its top speed for the rest of the game, and the other caused the people inside to be shaken.

That could have been a lot worse, although I am sure the driver on the receiving end thought it was fairly bad! He now had the slowest car in the race and he and his passenger were not happy!

Every one was hitting those Nitrox buttons pushing their cars to their limits, trying to gain a lead and get away from the other racers.

The guy controlling Spider’s car in this race was not having a lot of luck, he was taking shots from us all, and just couldn’t seem to get clear, I on the other hand was pushing my lead a little bit more each turn 😊

So far I had only taken one point of damage, and I hadn’t rolled any ones yet! Could this be my lucky night?

The yellow car had not had it good so far, things were definitely not going his way, his weapons obviously hadn’t been cleaned in a while as they just kept jamming, which was great as he had one of the miniguns so I was very pleased to see it jammed.

As my blue car powered around the second bend to finish the first lap, spider hit me a couple of times in the rear with shots from his heavy machine gun, mmm I would remember that…

I risked everything by pushing it too fast around that bend, I failed my panic break test twice going around and risk it all by trying another sharp turn… and well I made it 😊 I was on the final lap, I had made the corner despite being silly and risking another test, but luck was on my side tonight, so far.

The other three drivers battled it out to try and get close to me, those miniguns were spinning and kicking out death all over the place… and also jamming! 🤣

There seemed to be a little bit of a two-car battle back in third and fourth place, I don’t think the driver of the yellow car had forgiven the car behind for shooting holes in his engine, he now had dropped back and got in close behind the car with the dozer blade and stayed there shooting as they drove, if only his minigun wasn’t jammed again!

Spider kept coming after me as he slid nicely around the bend and fired into the back of my car again! Doing some more damage.

My passenger turned his heavy machine gun around and lined up the sights on the car closing in from behind, and let rip with a full blast into the front of Spiders car ripping huge holes in the vehicle finally putting it out of this race.

( now I must add that I am not laughing at anything in particular in the picture above, I am certainly not laughing at the wreck of Spiders car that is now burning on the track… )

Well my driver seeing that hit the switch for the last of his Nitrox and the car screeched towards the far bend.

The yellow car was still chasing the car with the dozer blade ( well as fast as his damaged engine would allow! ) and with some skilful driving avoided the mines and the spikes on the track and hit the vehicle several times in the side doing some more damage, but still not enough to destroy it.

Both of these cars had taken lots of damage but somehow they both kept going.

There was much joking at this point of them slowing down and waiting for me to come around the final bend and shoot me as I crossed the line, which is exactly what the driver of the yellow car did.

So as I turned the final corner of my second and final lap, I got hit with a hail of bullets from his minigun… I did take a few damage from those shots, but I still crossed the line for a victory!!!!

Wait a minute, let me type that again… I still crossed the line for a victory!!!! I won, I feel light headed now, I actually won a game.

It was a great fun game with some good friends who I believe enjoyed the game as well, there was some really tense moments with some great action and of course some really fun moments, I can’t wait to play again.

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  1. Zac

    Hi Mac
    YOU WON!!!!
    And you may not be laughing but your defiantly trying you’re best not to!

    The board game group I play with at the mo are a very mild lot, unlike the group before who were brutal and victory celebration’s were elaborate and and numerous, a good dice role two finger salute in your face, bad dice role and the air turned blue with the most harsh bad language.
    I miss those time’s you needed a thick skin but so much fun was had by all.
    Any road*up congtrat’s
    *forgive the pun

    • Mac

      Hi Zac,

      I was just reading back through some of the older messages on here and realised that I hadn’t noticed this one of your!! sorry mate.

      You were correct I was laughing and trying not to let my opponent see.

      I have played against a few people who got very emotional when they either win or lose, I had one that actually threw one of their figures across the room after a bad dice roll, I did try not to laugh then as well.

      When I come across these interesting individuals it is always entertaining, and often very funny.

      I myself gave up worrying about winning or losing years ago, with my dice rolling I had to.


  2. Vic

    Hi Mac,

    Good looking, fun race … and you won! What’s right with your dice?
    Are they on the wrong pills? 😉

    I pity the yellow driver though – riddled early on, engine damaged & forced to ‘cough’ along like a decrepit Trabant …

    Hmmm, that gives me an idea, where can I get an LD scale Trabant from? …
    Trabant a’la RPG?
    Trabant a’la Auto-Cannon?
    Trabant a’la Death Star laser …
    I don’t have to catch it if I can kill it in 1 shot …

    =D Vic

  3. Mac

    Hi Vic,
    With my luck I would get the VW Trabant with no weapons :O(

    I wasn’t sure what happened to my dice, I just rolled right for most of the race!
    They were not exceptional they just worked ok when needed, like the one point of damage to finish Spider’s car, I missed with three of my four shots and hit with one and got one penetrating hit to finish the vehicle off.
    And when checking for handling when I was going too fast I just managed to roll ok and kept the vehicle under control.

    But I will take it for what it was… a win!! It may be a while before that happens again…


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