3D Misprints for Stars & Lasers!

I finally sorted out some of my 3D misprints of my spaceships and have put them together as weird ships or wreckage.

So first off I have put together three more pieces of space debris for my games, these also could be used in scenarios where you have to rescue survivors from a destroyed ship or get the cargo from a freighter or even the some data stored on a ship.

Even if they are not used as a scenario piece they will make some nice terrain to add to debris field on my table.

Next up was a strange one, I have a few versions of the Civilian Super Liner that were either too small or too long or too thin etc. etc. and I didn’t know what to do with them, so after a long think I came up with this monstrosity!!

Its as I said is based on a misprint of the Civilian Super Liner, this one was too small, so after sorting through my pile of odds and sods of 3D printed spaceship bits I went with cargo boxes / containers ( not sure what to call them ) and I started to cut them from their thin joining sections and then simply stuck them along both sides of the big ship.

I then added another four containers on top of those on the ends and well, this is what I ended up with… I did say it was a monstrosity!

This I will use in a scenario as a colony ship being attacked by a few smaller ships or it has also been suggested that this would work as a huge ship with a killer payload travelling to a planet and other ships have got to stop it getting there, both sound like they would work and also sound like they would be fun.

Then to go with that ship I have put together a few more freighters, these are just odd fuel / liquid containers stuck together with a ship stuck on top, plus two of my misprinted small freighters.

These would fit in with the Civilian Super liner above as escorts for the colony ship or just more freighters for my games.

The last thing I put together, or should I say broke apart! Was one of my misprinted Zeta Colony ships, this one I just snapped off one of the front sections.

This is not fully painted yet, I will finish this off during the week, but when done this should also make a nice piece of scenery for my debris field.

So here are some pictures of the finished ships and wreckage all ready for some games.

I still have a load more odd sized ships waiting to be used, I think I have enough small ships to do some sort of planetary defence force maybe.

Something like twenty plus small ships that I could use as gunships, corvettes and possibly frigates plus about four or five big ships of heavy cruiser and battlecruiser size, so a good size fleet… oh I also have a misprinted Dreadnought or two!! these would probably make different variant’s to add to an existing fleet, lots of possibilities 😉

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  1. Philip Desmond Portway

    That colour on those Space boats really suits them. With the bland cream and then the Magenta. Nice job on them Mac!

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