These are the voyages… Stars & Lasers supplement released.

Well after a slight delay I have finally released the newest supplement for Stars & Lasers, “These are the voyages…”

This supplement contains optional rules which allow players to give their ships Captains and their ships crews experience and a selection of skills that they can use in their games.

These optional rules allow you to hopefully see your ships fight through many battles gaining experience as they go…

But be careful or you could also see those same ships and crews loose experience through causalities and attrition as every time a ship takes damage officers and crew can die, and their replacements will probably not be as experienced as those that were lost.

So once you have named your ships and their Captains this supplement will allow you to track them and their ships through their many battles in Stars & Lasers.

As stated these rules bring experience to your games of Stars & Lasers, this experience can be used by your crews during your games, and it will also allow your Captains and officers to add special command skills which will help make your ships and crew unique.

Although these rules have been designed to be used in games of Stars & Lasers, as always with a little adjustment they should be usable in other games system as well.

You can download these rules free from here –

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    • Mac

      Hi Vic,

      Yep I have already started naming a few of mine, I will only do three or four in a couple fleets to start with just to see if I can keep any of them alive long enough to get any skills.

      I may have to have a few back ups considering how bad my dice rolling is, they will probably all be destroyed in the first battle!!!


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