The Last Drifters racing madness!!

( First off I would just like to point out that although I went into this game with the intentions of taking lots of photos and to take down notes for a race report, things quickly turned to chaos and I just didn’t take as many photo’s as I would have liked nor did I really take any notes on the race… I was having too much fun! )

I ran a party game at the club this week using the Last Drifters rules, I decided that I would run a basic race but with a couple of extras thrown in just to add a little extra to the proceedings.

This was the first time two of the players had played so they got to choose from some pre-made cars from my collection and a friend’s, then the rest of the players picked their vehicles.

My friend had brought all of his excellent vehicles so they had plenty to choose from, each vehicle had been pointed up and basically you got what you saw on the vehicle, which really made for some interesting builds.

Again as in most of my party games ( races ) the points for each vehicle was kept at 725, which always makes for an interesting build, do you go for all armour and small weapons or big weapons and almost no armour, the choices are many when designing your vehicles for the game and the low points just makes things interesting.

I laid out a simple oval track with one end a normal wide turn but with a slightly narrower gap at the other, at the first far bend I placed my truck with a sniper in the armoured gun turret… just think Tusken Raiders and Pod Racing and you will understand why!!

I thought this would add a little bit of fun to the race, I added a dice to the bag for him and we were ready to start.

The players rolled off for the inside line and their cars were placed.

By the time the cars started getting to the first bend the new players had got most of the rules worked out… you could almost smell the Nitrox in the air!!

That buggy took a small amount of paint off the rear of the yellow car as it tried to get past on the inside.
I hate this yellow car!! 😕

The Yellow car… ok let me first point out that I have begun to hate this yellow car ( actually any yellow car! ) as it always seems to get an early lead and always seems to be the car to beat and this race was not going to be any different.

….was first around the bend and soon started powering down the straight and around the second bend, the lovely ‘pink’ car followed behind but was a good way back.

Then the main pack arrived at the first bend and well that’s when things began to go down the normal crazy route!

We have one player at the club who has played a couple of times and has realised that you can do a lot ( and I mean a lot ) of damage if you just ram the other cars!!! I actually think that he would just be happy with a vehicle that had no weapons just lots of armour, just so he could simply crash into the other cars.

I am not complaining or moaning about this, ramming is in the rules, and he always apologises as he rams the target into oblivion ( normally with a big grin on his face ) it is always fun and very entertaining.

So take one perfectly positioned ‘side on target’ add one crazy driver and ‘smash’ we have impact!! Luckily both vehicles are still working but both have taken damage ( ok the target took a lot more ) but as I said they are both still in the race.

Then the noise from the crash seemed to wake up my sniper and he picks his target, lines up the shot… and crack!! One of the vehicles has an extra whole in its side!

( I must point out now that unlike my normal dice rolling this sniper was on form, I don’t think he missed a single shot, and most of the shots he took were at fairly long range )

So the chaos was starting on the first bend again, the yellow and the pink cars were well ahead and completing their first lap.

The pack was still having trouble sorting themselves out on the first bend, a couple started to squeeze through but soon started taking loads of damage from each other’s weapons, the sniper on the truck was still hitting one of the cars on the corner but for now his shots couldn’t get through the vehicles tough armour.

My sniper fired off several shots at this vehicle during the race, I think he has a dislike for Volvo’s

Then the first vehicle was destroyed, it had been rammed earlier and had taken several shots since and the vehicle finally coughed and spluttered and pulled over and was out of the race.

Two cars were out of the race at this point.

When the drivers team mate saw that the vehicle had been put out of the race he jumped on his bike and raced onto the track guns blazing!!!!

Two team mates driving their bikes onto the track hoping to get some revenge!

( To make the evening more entertaining for the players rather than them just sitting there and watching the other people continue to race without them, I gave them a bike and said go and get your revenge, they seemed to think this was good fun, so each player got a bike as their vehicles were destroyed )

So controlling all this and getting involved in the fun ( with my sniper ) I never really took enough pictures of the action, but hopefully the few I did take show enough of the race to make it enjoyable for you the reader.

The yellow car was eventually destroyed as well as the pink car and during the next few turns most of the others were as well… the only car still moving at the end of the race was that damn Volvo so it claimed the victory, I think it was the slowest thing on the table but it just kept going.

The players seemed to have fun during the evening, so hopefully they will want to play again.

The races with this many drivers are always chaotic, but still give plenty of excitement and fun, I had fun with my sniper, he never missed a shot during the race, but he only managed a couple of damage on that damn Volvo.

Maybe next time I will run a destruction derby then they can crash into each other all night long!!

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  1. Zac

    That game looked like fun!
    The team mate biker’s is a good idea!

    I hate that guy who apologizes for beating the crap out of you! 😉
    Had a mate who was autistic who would send age’s looking at every option so not to make a mistake, when I could see the best action with in minutes and would always apologize after making some devistaing move!
    Drove me crazy!
    I’ve thought of several Volvo jokes/coment’s but their all probably antisemitic so I’ll keep them to my self!

  2. Vic

    Hi Mac!

    So, a Volvo won, huh? I had one once, a cheese wedge 480 with pop-up head lights – I think it had over 190,000 miles on the clock. I swear Volvo’s are made from melted down Tiger tanks or something – nothing seems to stop them & they just go on & on & on …

    … so I’m not surprised the Volvo won the race!


    • Mac

      Hi Vic,

      It was at the back and having real trouble getting around all the destroyed vehicles and my sniper!! but it was the last active vehicle on the table so won the race by default


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