The Last Drifters Destruction Derby…

I put on a game of the Last Drifters at the club last night and this time it was a Destruction Derby, as the name suggests a destruction derby is where vehicles drive around an enclosed track or ring and simply ram into each other trying to destroy the other vehicles.

The winner of the event would be the driver of the last vehicle that is able to move!

Well seven drivers sat on the outside of the ring revving their engines and the crowd, all sitting in their own vehicles, honked their vehicles horns in support of their favourite drivers, the madness was about to begin.

Each vehicle had 725 points for armour, weapons and upgrades and we had a good selection of vehicles entered, cars, pickups and vans.

I was intending on doing a full write up of all the action… well after the first turn that just didn’t happen, it was complete chaos with vehicles ramming at every opportunity, it was great fun!

I had one driver say I might as well not have a weapon!! Yep that’s a destruction derby for you, who needs weapons when the vehicles are the weapons!

Most of the vehicles had such thick armour that shots were bouncing off and doing no damage, a couple of the vehicles did have some big weapons which when they did manage to get through the armour they did huge damage.

A few of the drivers were completely insane and used Nitrox to boost the speed of their vehicles as they went in for a ram!

Totally crazy but good fun, we managed to get in two games during the evening and both were exciting and had some really fun moments ( and some silly ones!! )

So here are just a few pictures that I managed to take during the evening ( also a couple that another club member took ) hopefully you will be able to get an idea of the chaos in the Destruction Derby from them.

The vehicles move cautiously forward trying to see who to attack first…
Everything started off slow and relaxed… then the ramming started!!
With the huge amounts of damage caused by the ramming and those critical hits we soon saw several destroyed vehicles.
The crowd sitting in their vehicles watching the event from outside the ring.

Well as the players found out during the evening the Destruction Derby is great fun and totally different from normal races or even normal fighting, the vehicles are built differently than a racer or even a vehicle in a straight fight.

Lots of armour and big bumpers or dozer blades is the way to go, weapons are an after thought and not as necessary as in other games.

The bigger vehicles did have a slight advantage ( more hit points ) but even they didn’t survive long after being rammed a couple of times.

I lost both games but I did manage to do some serious damage to a couple of vehicles during the evening and destroyed at least one so I am pleased with that… I destroyed my own vehicle in the last game by ramming a big heavy van that was in trouble, I did a load of damage to it but just not enough to destroy it, but sadly my car was couldn’t take any more punishment and died.

Come on over to my Discord server to chat about your car builds and show us some pictures or chat about your games of the Last Drifters rules.

You will find the link to my server on the Community tab at the top of the site.

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  1. Vic

    Hi Mac!

    A nitro boosted ram? YES! That’s the way to go for me! Roobars, spikes, thick armour & nitro!
    As an anti-hero used to say …

    “That which does not kill you will hopefully try again” …

    • Mac

      Hi Vic,

      I had never thought about Nitro boosted ramming before this game, but after seeing it done a couple of times during the night I may have to put in a small change in the rules to maybe give slightly more damage for the ramming vehicle!

      It was very entertaining to watch.


      • Vic

        Hi Mac,

        What about – instead of extra damage – a chance that their
        ram causes their own nitro to explode & damage their engine, reducing their cars speed … that might mean only the REAL crazies would be willing to chance it … crazies like me … 😉

        Myself, I like the idea of a flaming torch catherine wheel of a car … you can have too much nitro! 😀

        • Mac

          mmm… I could simply just make them take a critical hit for using the Nitro when ramming, that could make things interesting!!

          I would have to add any additions as a rule on the FAQ page for now.


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