Stars & Lasers update 13.01.2021

Just a quick update on some Stars & Lasers stuff…

I have been really busy over the last couple of weeks trying to get the next supplement for Stars & Lasers finished, this new supplement is full of new ships… almost thirty so far!!

These are not just ordinary ships these “the ships that never were!”

The supplement will contain a collection of ships that were either never built or if they were built they failed during testing or even when they first entered combat, some of these ships may not have even made it off the drawing board.

These are the crazy ships, the ships that the Admiralty decided that they wanted but never found their way into the fleets.

But you will now get a chance to use them in your battles, well as long as your opponent does not mind.

Ships like the Gorbovskie Class Cruiser with its highly advanced power system, or the Gyro Class Battlecruisers with their innovative directional control, or the Super Leviathan Class Heavy Dreadnoughts with their huge banks of weapons and thick Titanium armour, and many others.

These new ships all look great on paper or on the plans but in reality they may have a few problems, and these problems could make for some interesting games!

The new supplement has been a lot of work to write but it has also been a lot of fun, but there isn’t much left to do so watch out for its release soon…

Talking about a new release I have a couple more scenarios for Stars & Lasers almost ready to release as well, they just need a few last-minute finishing touches and they will be done.

The first scenario is a three player game ( or possibly four ) which is something I think will be good fun, this scenario sees a small policing action on the edge of three borders with a large freighter as the centre of attention…   

The second scenario is probably the biggest one I have ever played, even the “cut down” version has lots and lots of fighters.

The full version of the scenario is absolutely huge, it has so many ships and fighters in the battle it is crazy, oh and not to mention the five space stations, yes that’s five space stations!!

This is one of the hardest scenarios I have ever tried, it is so much fun to play but as the defender it is not an easy one win!

You might even see another battle report for this big battle as I want to try it again soon…

And finally, what’s in the bags?

Yep more spaceships!! 😉  three more bags containing some lovely ships and some very familiar looking ones…

I will hopefully get these based and painted over the next couple of weeks.

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