Stars & Lasers – the ships that never were…

I have finally managed to finish the next supplement for Stars & Lasers, this time sees a supplement with 44 pages of some weird and wonderful ships to use in your space battles.

The supplement is called “The Ships That Never Were” and in the supplement you will find ships that mostly never made it into battle, some never even made it out of the designer’s head!!

Most of these ships never got past the planning stage and the ones that did failed because of one reason or another, maybe the technology limits meant the fancy new high-speed engines couldn’t be made to work, perhaps the computers couldn’t be integrated with the ship systems, or maybe the hull just wasn’t strong enough to handle the extra mass… for one reason or another almost all of these ships never made it into service.

Weird ships like the ‘Drone’ Warships and their Transports, or the ‘Gyro’ Class Battlecruisers and the Heavy ‘Combat’ Freighters to name but a few.

Also included in this supplement are any special rules needed for you to use these ships in your games along with all their points costs and datasheets etc.

There are also three small scenarios supplied in the supplement to give you an idea as to the type of game you can have with these weird and wonderful ships, because some of the risks associated with using these ships these games can also be great on-the-edge-of-your-seat fun!!

This is the ships that never were…

I am very pleased with the way this supplement turned out, it was great fun writing although it did take many hours in front of the computer getting it right.

I do hope you have fun using all of these new ships in your games of Stars & Lasers.


You can find the supplement here on Wargames Vault ––Lasers–The-Ships-That-Never-Were

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  1. Vic

    Hi Mac,

    Luvverly jubbly – I’ll be off to the Vault to pick this up tonight with any luck! Once I’ve got I’ll have myself a good read & maybe print a ship or two out (I think I’ve got enough laminate pouches for a few!)

    I’ve also been giving some thought as to how you might represent some of those famous starship from sci-fi TV in S&L – I some thoughts along those lines earlier this morning!

    Time for another evil cackle …

    Vic 😀

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