Stars & Lasers new 3D printed Colony ships

This is just a sneak peek at the new Colony ships I am designing for Stars & Lasers, these are just some of the initial print outs and are still a work in progress.

The ones I have printed out so far are in the picture from the smallest to the biggest – Corvette, Frigate, Destroyer, Light Cruiser, Heavy Cruiser and a Fighter Carrier.

The basic design is a fast sleek ship with big powerful engines a totally different design from the boxy UEF ships I did a while back.

I am pleased with the basic shape of these ships and the how the details have come out, hopefully lots of nice areas and sections for painting.

I am still working on the other ships from this set which will be a Battlecruiser, a Battleship and a Dreadnought, these I hope to finish over the next few days, watch out for some pictures of these soon.

Once these are all done I will put some paint on them and put some more pictures of them on here, I just need to work out what colour scheme will look good on them! 🤔

These all still need some more cleaning up before they are ready for painting but that should be a fairly quick and simple job, I noticed as I was taking these photos that one or two are not lined up correctly, there are tiny overhangs etc. this will all be sorted out and cleaned up before painting.

Here is some close up shots of the detail on the ships starting with the Fighter Carrier, this will hopefully paint up nicely.

Heavy Cruiser.

Light Cruiser.




I am hoping to come up with two or three more designs for Colony ships over the next few months and I am also looking at adding an alien fleet of some sort.

I will add more pictures on the Little Wargaming Worlds Discord server, pop over and chat about the designs or even show us some of your own ships that you use in your games of Stars & Lasers.

The link for the Discord server is on the Community Tab at the top of this site.

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  1. Vic

    Hi Mac – they do look really good. You could use them as the Igstravaen Colonies ships (unless you have a different vision for those guys … ), they have that ‘predatory’

    Or perhaps as Zeta Colony ships – they do have a certain ‘forwards focussed’ look about them.

    I’ll look forwards to seeing what their bigger ships look like!

    • Mac

      Hi Vic,
      Thanks, I am pleased with them so far although I am having a little bit of trouble getting the bigger ships looking as I want them.

      Ah now Igstravaen ships would work well, I hadn’t thought about them…. mmm I will have to think about that.

      Zeta Colony ships was my first thought when I was designing them, as you say they sort of have that “forwards focussed” look about them…

      I already have some ideas for how I want the Epsilon Colony ships to be so they would be no good for them, side firing does not fit with this design at all.

  2. Vic

    Hi Mac,
    They would suit the Zeta Colony ships nicely.

    For the Epsilon Colony side firers I’d be very tempted to go for a shorter but taller look (like the Relthoza cruisers from Firestorm Armada, if you’ve seen them) – I don’t know how you’d 3d print such a shape, but if you could lay them down flat, or perhaps in two halves (top/bottom)?

    For the Centaurus Colony I’d want ships that looked predatory, tough AND brutal, perhaps with an obvious but sleek & oversized BFG turret for the HCC … 🙂 A bit like a TNG Romulan Warbird (forward swept wing/hull, aggressive ‘head’ at the front sort of thing) but flatter (no double wing thing – that’s too obvious!)

    • Mac

      Hi Vic,

      I hadn’t seen the Relthoza ships before, some interesting shapes in their fleet.
      Printing in two halves is how these new ships are done on my printer so that is possible if I did a taller shaped ship.

      The Centaurus Colony ships would definitely have to have turrets of some sort on them, not really thought about the shape for them yet though.

      I am now thinking about the Igstravaen ships, they need to be very war like and aggressive looking, I must admit I am having a lot of fun thinking about the style / design of all these ships.

      The one I have been puzzling more about though is the Alien fleet, as I already have ships for the two alien races in S&L I think that I may need a third alien race in S&L… 😉

      Mind you it may be fun doing some designs for the Bio-ships and the Reformer ships.

      I have realised there are just not enough hours in a day!! 🙁

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