Stars & Lasers free scenarios No.12

I have released two more free scenarios for Stars & Lasers, these two have been kindly written for Stars & Lasers by Vic Dobson, and like all the others he has written these are exciting and challenging.

The first one of the two scenarios is “IN THE SHADOWS OF VALHALLA…

Because of the ongoing war between the UEF and the Igstravean’s both sides are being starved of supplies so they are using more and more smaller ships in strike groups for raids rather than their huge battleships.

Two of these small strike groups, the UEF 9th Destroyer Flotilla and the Igstravean 13th Attack Group, have met while returning to their bases, so now they each have to fight their way through a dense asteroid field to get to safety.

The second scenario is “A BRACE OF STOATS…”

The war between the UEF and the Igstravean’s has settled down into a stalemate, both sides are suffering from a lack of supplies that are needed to keep their fleets operational.

This scenario sees two Zeta type Light Cruisers intercept a UEF merchant convoy.

These two scenarios should give you lots of fun playing through as either the UEF or the Igstravean’s or of course you could use your own preferred factions to fight these battles.

Although these two scenarios have been designed to be used in games of Stars & Lasers, as always with a little adjustment they should be usable in other games systems as well.

You can get this scenario pack from Wargames Vault as a free download ––Lasers-No12

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One Comment

  1. Vic

    Thanks Mac!
    I enjoyed writing the scenarios! Where I can I endeavour to take inspiration from ‘real’ world history (as with these 2 and many others previously) but I think I’m beginning to run out of exotic ship actions from WW1 now! 🙁

    Perhaps a scenario based on the Scarborough Raid & Dogger Bank should be next?
    Or Ironbottom Sound … hmmm, needs more thought! 🙂

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