Some Federation ships for Stars & Lasers…

I finally managed to get some paint on my Star Trek Federation ships, these I will be using as basic human United Earth Federation ships in my games of Stars & Lasers, that is until I get around to writing a small add on to Stars & Lasers which allows the use of Star Trek ships as… well, Star Trek ships!!

When I do this it will be just for some basic Federation and Klingon ships to start with, I will bring in Romulan ships eventually and any other ships I can think of.

But for now, as I said these will be used as UEF ships in my games of Stars & Lasers.

As for the painting of these ships, well I kept it really simple and as they were going to be white I had to get my airbrush out because I cannot get white to look smooth with a brush, no matter how hard I try.

Once the white was done I added their square bases and painted those matt black.

Then all I did for detail on the ships were add a few red and blue lights, these are on what is probably the bridge and on the nacelles, nothing much at all really for these ships.

So here are what the finished ships look like.

I then decided that the white was a tiny bit too bright and new looking so I put a very thin coat of Vallejo Blue Grey wash which just took the edge off the white and also brought out the detail slightly.

I am not sure what is happening with these photos! these ships are more blue-grey now than white but they are still coming out odd in the pictures…

Ah ok these are a little better, at least they look closer to their actual colour now…

I may at some point add some decals putting some sort of identification numbers on the ships, these will go onto the saucer sections, although I may not be able to get them small enough for the four smaller ships.

I have to say at this point, photographing white ships is not easy!! ( even the blue-grey doesn’t look great as it is much lighter than in the photos ) I have seen many pictures of white ships on the internet and they look good, but it took a lot of fiddling around with lights and my cameras to get the pictures I have, so many came out with the ships looking just like white blobs with no detail at all, I was surprised how hard it was.

I will have to look on the internet to see if I can get some advice on photographing white models, so until then not the best pictures ever but hopefully you can see the ships clear enough to have some idea of how they turned out.

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    • Mac

      Hi Garry,

      They are from Irregular Miniatures –

      Once you are on their main page click on “6mm”

      Then click on “Science Fiction and Space Ships”

      Then scroll down until you see the space Ship Section and then look for the “Imperial Fleet”

      They have some nice ships in the range.


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