Showdown at Baxter’s Junction… the Last Drifters battle.

A local gang meet three Drifters at a lonely junction out in the wastelands, no time for talking before the bullets start to fly.

A small gang are being hunted by three Drifters that have been hired to deal with them by a local settlement, so on one side we have a gang with six bikes and a Humvee and a pick-ups and facing them we have three Drifters.

The gang are very new and are only just starting out in their careers and they only have very basic weapons and upgrades.

But the Drifters have been around for a while and have three very solid vehicles with some heavy weapons.

I thought this would be a fun game for my Son to learn more of the rules, he had only had a couple of races around tracks so far had not seen how the cars and bikes handled with just a straight fight, my Son pick all the upgrades for the Drifters and I pointed up the gang, we had around 2,300 points to spend on our vehicles and gear for the game.

The set up sees the two forces facing each other on the road.

Turn one sees the Drifters split with two cars heading off to the right of the road and one moving off to the left, the gang bikes scream towards them at break-neck speed firing off a couple of wild long-range shots which don’t worry the Drifters cars in any way.

Turn two and one of the Drifter’s cars smashes into a gang biker taking out bike and rider with very little damage to his car.

This fight looks like it is going to be nasty!

The bikers facing the two Drifters fire off all their light guns into the two Drifters cars to no effect at all… the Drifters vehicles are slow but very strong, they have some really heavy armour protecting them.

The gang may have to think about another plan here as the bikes are really ineffective against the Drifters cars, the bikes are much faster but their weapons are struggling with the heavy armour.

Turn three and there goes another biker this time from huge amounts of shots from the Drifters mini-guns, oh dear the gang is in real trouble.

A second biker is badly mauled by the heavy shells those miniguns are kicking out.

In return the gang only manage a little light damage on two of the Drifters cars.

Turn four and another Drifter smashes into a biker and takes them out of the battle, the gang leader decides he has to do something here to even out this battle, he shouts to his passenger to hold onto something and puts his boot down heavy on the accelerator and aims his vehicle at the closest Drifter…. And crash!! Payback as the ganger gets a little satisfaction by doing huge damage to the Drifters car, well he may have found a way of winning this battle after all.

Then another biker falls to sustained fire from two of the Drifters cars.

Turn five after seeing the gang leader’s tactic the other gang vehicle turns sharply and rams into another Drifters car doing loads of damage, not enough to stop it, but that is now two Drifters cars badly damaged with their drivers and passenger shaken badly.

And the gang leader manages to ram one of the drifters cars again and this time he takes it out of the fight.

Two more bikers fall to the excellent shooting from the Drifters cars, and to make things even worse for the gang they lost one of their vehicles to one of the miniguns.

Turn six the last gang vehicle seeing his chance to get a bit of payback and screeches his vehicle around a pile of tyres and attempts to hit a Drifter car in the side… but he doesn’t quite make the distance and is then torn apart by some point-blank Drifter’s shooting.

Seeing all this the last biker decides its time he was somewhere else and starts to power away from the Drifters when he is hit and loses control of his bike and smashes into a Drifters vehicle and that is that, it’s all over the gang has been destroyed.

Oh dear that was a hard game! My poor gang was out matched by the Drifters, their weapons had real trouble getting through all that heavy armour on the Drifter’s cars.

The bikes are always great fun, they are super-fast and great fun to control on the table, but they couldn’t hurt the Drifters in this battle.

The HMG’s on the two gang vehicles were having better luck but even they were struggling, so it was all down to some nicely timed rams, I just missed judged the distance on the last ram or I could have maybe got a better outcome.

But luck was not with me or my gang, but it was still a great fun game.

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  1. Zac

    Hi Mac Nice battle report
    Looks like you got the snot knocked out of you.
    You know that northstar are doing a new implement’s of carnage sprue this time you get 2 dune buggy’s and the same number of dirt bikes. I’ve always liked the idea of car wars type games since GW’s (boo hiss) battle cars and even own a copy of gaslands refuled but wouldn’t get it past my gameing group.

    How do you or do you prime your cars?

    • Mac

      Hi Zac,
      Thanks, it was a bit painful, but still a lot of fun, my dice did let me down a couple of times ( as usual ) which didn’t help.

      Yeah I have had a look at their new sprues and I think at some point I will pick up a couple just to see how they match up with the cars I have, I do like the idea of some buggy’s driving around in my games.

      As for my cars well, I don’t go to the extreme that some modellers do and strip the car completely, drilling out the pins etc. the most I do is change the wheels sometimes.
      I then just give them a bit of a clean and a very light rub down with some very fine sandpaper where needed.
      Then it is just stick on all the armour ( plastic card or card board ) and wire mesh and of course weapons, then it is just a quick prime with Vallejo black Primer, unless I am doing a light colour for the car then I just use a light grey primer.


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