Race Nights, the Last Drifters new supplement.

The Last Drifters new supplement “Race Nights” has now been released!!

This is the first supplement for this rule set and it has been real fun getting all the new weapons and upgrades ready.

It expands on the weapons and vehicle upgrades available in the main rules adding lots of new vehicle upgrades to make some really fast cars for racing, including new tyres, bigger engines etc. etc.

Also included are some handling upgrades which are needed so that the drivers have a chance of keeping control at these faster speeds.

These new upgrades allow you to build super-fast vehicles for racing in the settlement and city race tracks throughout the wastelands.

The supplement also contains a selection of new weapons including crossbows, RPG’s and flamethrowers!!

The supplement also contains new rules and new manoeuvres giving your drivers more options while driving in the wastelands.

Also included are the stats for two new vehicles to use in your games.

Included in the supplement is a new scenario about two groups fighting over a broken down truck loaded with supplies.

There are also new ways for you to race, such as Collect the Flag! and Team Up!! oh and there are now rules for ramps!!

All the weapons and upgrades in this supplement can be used alongside all those in the main rules giving you more options when building your vehicles.

You can get the supplement from Wargames Vault – Race Nights – Mac | Wargame Vault

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