“Oi that’s our truck!!” A game of the Last Drifters…

This Monday at the club I put on a simple scenario for our game of the Last Drifters which was easy to make into a four-player battle.

I went with a simple idea where a truck carrying some supplies for a gang has had engine trouble in the middle of nowhere, the driver heads off towards a local settlement and radios his gang to come and help, after a short while they send out some vehicles to go and retrieve the truck and the supplies.

The problem is that another rival gang intercepts the radio message and sends out some of their own vehicles to try and take the truck for themselves.

So the scene is set, a truck is in the centre of the table and two rival gangs arrive and start to fight…

Both sides had 3,000 points split into to two forces with a maximum of three vehicles in each force, this as my opponent found out does restrict what sort of upgrades and weapons you can get if you go for the maximum of three vehicles.

I did things a little different and went with two fairly hard cars for me and two reasonable cars and a motorbike for my partner in crime.

This was going to be chaos and it didn’t disappoint!

We split into two teams and set up our vehicles on the edges of the table, the player on my side was playing for the first time, so I had to explain how the game worked as we started to play, luckily it is simple to pick up and he soon started to run riot on the table!

I moved towards the enemy gangs vehicles, and seeing that I was facing three unknown vehicles ( one of my opponents pointed up the vehicles before he arrived for the game so I had no idea what I was facing, but to be fair he didn’t know what we had either ) So I moved forward slowly and tried to take my time and pick my targets ( well it was a plan… )

There were a few great moments in the battle, one of which was when the enemy pickup decided to ram one of my partners vehicles to try and take it out of the fight, this he did easily, but the thing with head on rams in the Last Drifters is that they hurt… a lot!! to both vehicles.

His pickup was still in one piece ( just ) but a small fire had started inside, but the passenger soon put it out.

We were down by one car already, and on my side of the table I shot and almost destroyed an on coming car that lost control and smashed into the front of my hardest car, the enemy car was destroyed but it had almost taken my car out as well… things were not going well.

Then the highlight of the battle on my side of the table ( well I guess that depends on which side you were on! ) I found my other car was in a bit of bother, the enemy vehicles had not slowed and came at me at full speed, I couldn’t stay where I was or they would have rammed me and destroyed my car, so I had to do some fancy driving between the two on coming vehicles…

Yep my driver panicked as he squeezed between the two vehicles and didn’t get far enough through to get out of trouble and was rammed, he lost control of his vehicle and spun out and came to a stop, he was about to put the car into gear when bullets ripped through the cars light armour and that was that, he was out of the battle.

My partner was having a little better luck on his side of the table, he was still managing to keep one car and his bike in one piece, and actually managing to put some damage on the enemy vehicles.

All my remaining car could do was to reverse away from the vehicle that had rammed it and fire into the two other enemy vehicles, but things looked hopeless, they were in a great position to take the car out, which they did and then they raced off at full speed to attack my partner from the side.

My partner then managed to get his biker squashed under that damn big pickup, so he was now down to one car.

He was outnumbered and was taking hits from all sides so decided that it was best if he was somewhere else, and so we had lost, the truck and all it’s supplies goes to the enemy gang!!

It was a great game lots of mad driving and some good shooting, it was a shame that things didn’t go our way, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

The main thing was it was a fun game, everyone had a laugh and enjoyed the battle.

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  1. Vic

    Hi Mac,

    Whose was that pick-up miniature? Thats one lovely looking truck – with those tyres I’m surprised it didn’t roll over you! And the others … whoah! That Mini’s armed to the teeth! Whoever converted the miniatures I take my hat off to him (or her) … and I’m ever so slightly envious too – they’ve got greater modelling skills than I possess ☹

    Great looking game!


    • Mac

      Hi Vic,

      The guy that did those vehicles was Roger a good friend and the person who initially talked me into writing the rules!!
      He also made all the models in the rule book and took all the great pictures as well.
      He has some incredible modelling skills, much better than mine 🙁


  2. Zac

    Nice report.
    I wasn’t keen on the monster truck but Robert’s retro cars are very cool the silver one stood out to me,I’d liked to see the red car from the front.
    Maybe in further reports
    We could get some team close up pictures!
    Also I think your cars look great and Robert’s cars don’t sand out that much!

    • Mac

      Hi Zac,

      Thanks, my cars are good enough to play on the table and I guess don’t look too bad, but some of Rogers vehicles are just brilliant.

      I will see if I can get some better close up pictures of his cars the next time we play.


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