No!!! not another project…

Well I am on that slippery slope again, heading into another project while I am in the middle of about three or four others!!

I had said to myself a while back that I would not start something new until I could finish everything that I have been trying to get done… oh well its too late now to worry about it as I am moving down that slope really quickly already ☹

Someone I know has been given a small selection of Chaos Warriors that he now wants to use in games of Age of Sigmar so I have been talked into getting another army to face them on the battlefield.

So I have been putting together a Dwarf army… ok I should say Duardin.

Yeah ok I probably need to explain things a little before I continue, I haven’t played AOS yet mainly because I have been playing Kings of War and enjoying it, I lost interest in the old Warhammer Fantasy Battle a long while ago and didn’t intend playing AOS at all.

So all of this AOS stuff is a bit odd and not much like the old Fantasy Battle and I am finding it a bit hard to pick an army from the silly lists and I am finding it a little annoying, between the Warscrolls, Warscroll Battalions and the army tomes it is all a bit strange for someone like me that was used to building an army from a standard army list with points.

And things didn’t get much better once I started looking at the Pitched Battle lists as the first thing I found was that the basic Dwarf are not really in it!!

Ok they are in it but they do not have their own list and of course as I said they are now called the Duardin, they fall under the “Order Pitched Battle Profiles” and in the “Cities of Sigmar” list and what a mixed pile of oddities it is!!

In my opinion the list doesn’t make it easy to make a coherent army its all bits and pieces and different races and I feel it is very poor… the problem is I only really have Dwarves for AOS, sorry I should have said Duardin.

I have around 250 of them that I can use, but the lists are not very exciting so all I can do is field lots of basic Dwarf stuff on the table, so the list I have so far is –

Dwarf Lord

Unit of Longbeards

Unit of Hammerers

About twenty units of Warriors!!!!

They don’t even have any Dwarf Crossbowmen or the even the Flame Cannon in the Cities of Cigmar list and that I find stupid.

I could use the Dwarf Crossbowmen I have as Freeguild Crossbowmen I suppose.

I did base my first list on the Dispossessed Clan Throng but that is really boring so I will be adding artillery as I think that is the only way that the Dwarves will compete against some of the big monsters and special characters in the game.

The main army I use in Kings of war is my old empire army so I guess that I could use some of those figures… I have 80 Flagellants and 10 Pistoliers these are available in the Cities list.

I wonder if I could use my Brock Riders as Demigryph Knights? mmm maybe, I Guess that I can as I will not be playing in any competitions.

I also have lots of artillery – three Helblaster Volley guns and two Helstorm Rocket Batteries and cannons and mortars so I could field them and shoot the crap out of the enemy!! Well up to four or five 😊

It shouldn’t be this hard to pick an army, it never used to be a problem when I played the old Warhammer all those years ago, I built a lovely Human army with knights and artillery and nice rank and file troops with a few nice monster types in there as well.

I also had a nice Dwarf army which had lots of character, with lots of anti-magic ( Runesmiths with photocopiers producing dispel scrolls!! 😉 ) My General was mounted on a bear for the extra attacks and the army had lots of good troops with lots of variety, and of course they had their artillery and lots of it.

I know if I go out and buy a new AOS army of almost any other faction then I could have a nice army all nicely themed, but for normal Dwarves it all seems a bit rubbish, the list seems almost as an afterthought so that people can use some of their older models.

I know the “New Dwarf’s” are lovely ( I want to use them in 40k as Squats! ) but I don’t have any of them, so I am stuck with what I have…

Ok rant and moan over.

Here are a few shots of some of my warriors ready for painting…

These are just a couple of my basic Dwarf warriors
These will be used as Longbeards
My General for this army as I can’t use my old bear riding one.

I will put some more pictures up on here as the army starts to grow and I get the units and the artillery painted.

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