New ships off the printer for Stars & Lasers.

Well my back isn’t allowing me to do much at the moment so I thought that I would sit while I was able and work on some more spaceships for my new Human fleet.

This fleet was always meant to look like a fleet that a heavy industrialized world would be able to mass produce quickly and easily, the ships were to look like they have been bolted and welded together one big block at a time.

They are meant to look very bulky and not very elegant, these are meant to be the sturdy ships that will defend the world or Colony.

And I think they look the part.

I am still printing ships at the moment so will have more to show soon, my printer is chugging away in the corner, a Dreadnought is being built one layer at a time while I type this.

So what has been printed so far is –

First off we have an Escort Carrier or Fleet Carrier, this ship carries a full twelve flights of fighters into battle and can also dish out plenty of damage.

I am really please with how this has turned out, the dual launch bays I think make it look very imposing and I can’t wait to paint this model.

Next is a Fighter Carrier, not as big as the Escort Carrier with only six flights of fighters on board but still a formidable ship in a battle.

I wasn’t sure if the one launch bay would work when I first designed the ship, but I think it looks good now it has been printed.

Next we have the Heavy Cruiser and the Light Cruiser, these two ships are fairly close in design, the Heavy Cruiser has slightly more bulk than the Light Cruiser and can take and dish out a lot more punishment.

Then we have the Destroyer, this ship carries the fleets main bulk of missiles into battle, so don’t get within range of its broadside missile tubes, this is a good solid ship for any fight.

Next we have the Frigate, these ships are the workhorses of the fleet doing escort duties for the bigger ships and useful as scouts, although small when they are used in numbers these ships can hurt even the biggest ships.

Not the toughest in the fleet but a good allrounder.

Next up the baby of the fleet, the fast Corvette, these are normally used for scouting missions or for shuttling VIP’s around.

They don’t have a lot of fire power but like the slightly bigger Frigates when these are used in numbers these little ships can cause a lot of problems for an enemy.

Well once the rest of the ships are printed I will post some more pictures, then I will get some paint on them to see how they look ready for the table.

But for now here they are all together ready for a clean up and some paint.

So next up will be the huge Dreadnought and the Battlecruiser, then any other ships I can design to put in the fleet.

( Not the best pictures I am afraid as the ships are a little shiny as they were just off the printer, hopefully once they are painted I should be able to get better pictures. )

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  1. Zac

    Hi Mac
    So sorry to hear about you’re back program’s
    Those ships look cool it would be nice to see the rear end of them after a lick of paint of course the carrier’s are my favorite’s

    • Mac

      Hi Zac,
      Thanks, the back is a long time issue, but just had a flare-up which is taking it’s time to settle down.

      Yeah I realised after I had posted the pictures that I hadn’t shown any from behind, I will take better pictures once I have painted them.


    • Mac

      Yes they are all my designs, I still want to add some separate turrets and weapons pods so that people can make the ships look a little different if they want.


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